Please Pass the Painkillers

Don’t know what happened to the first version of this posting, so here is the rewrite!

Waiting for Community Cleanup Day....

Waiting for Community Cleanup Day….

So Saturday was it.  No more excuses, no more procrastinating, no more dilly dallying, it was time.  I raked leaves.

I recruited help in the form of B and NoMH.  Told them I’d be starting right at 8am, they said there was no way they’d be able to get there that early (shocker!) but they’d be there no later than 9.  They got here at 10:15.  (Yes, I was irritated and annoyed, even though I knew better.)

From 8 to 4 I/we worked pretty much non-stop.  Rules were simple: get all leaves up, don’t fill the bags more than halfway because the county won’t take more than three a week and as they get water-laden they’ll break, and keep working.  B has an issue with these rules, seeing as how she can ‘fit even more’ in the bags, regardless of me begging her to stop because I didn’t want to have to redo them all in three weeks or three months or whenever that particular bag makes it into the supercan.  So B was reassigned to do the gutters.  Disagreed vehemently with the gutter rule (leaves must go in a bag, not just thrown on the grown to be dealt with later) but we had a bit better luck.  Didn’t have much success in getting her to stop fiddling with my siding or other things but that is just her way.  I love them both for helping, but I think that by the time the day was over, they both hated me.

I still have another 6 hours or so to finish in the backyard.   That’s right, the (strangely blue tinted) photo above is just from the front yard and the driveway.  The backyard I just dump behind the garage.  Right now there is a two-car garage width about hip-high, and we only got about 60% of them done.  NoMH was on the blower, B was on the gutter, and I was on stick patrol picking up dead branches from the windstorm we had last week.  Now don’t get me wrong, I can wield an axe with some competency, but I haven’t had to split logs in ten years or so.  So cutting up these branches so they fit in the supercan was effort.  Didn’t help my shoulder any.

Front yard and driveway, though, are finished.  49 bags (I counted) and a supercan are ready, which means that unless I beg my neighbor to let me put leaves in her can as well it is going to take me sixteen+ weeks to get rid of them all with the three per week rule.  Still, again, they’re done.  Backyard has the bulk of it completed, but I still have a lot to go.  I am halfway tempted to just run the mower over it and scatter the shredded pieces all over creation.

By the time we stopped, though, I was over it all.  A hot shower and three Tylenol later I was on the couch with every intention to make it to church by 6, but could NOT move.  Today I finally feel human again and want to get outside, the only twinges are my right hamstring (no idea why) and the usual right shoulder issues.  Unfortunately, I am stuck inside, on the computer, job hunting.

Somehow, given the luck I seem to have had lately, I think I’d rather have a repeat of the leaves.

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