I have a bone to pick with Saturday Night Live

I have watched Saturday Night Live since I was in about 7th or 8th grade.  I have seen it through many cast members, highs, lows, stupid pranks, and inspired sketches.  I remember when Hans and Franz and the Church Lady made the daily vernacular in high school, I thought the cheerleader skit by Will Farrell and Cheri Oteri was like grating fingernails on a blackboard, and was so thankful to see Rachael Dratch leave.  I miss classic 80s performers like Dana Carvey and Victoria Jackson, and mourn the loss of the brilliant talents of Phil Hartman and Chris Farley, even if he wasn’t my particular brand of humor.  I think that Dennis Miller and Kevin Nealon did a great job hosting the news, no matter what Lorne Michaels thinks, and I think that Seth Myers should host the news without guests like Snagglepuss and Comic Strip Cathy.  I think that the show needs to not have an annual contract with Alec Baldwin or Christopher Walken, and I truly believe that Gilda Radner was singularly the best talent ever to appear on the show.

That being said, I do still watch the show.  I think that there are several entertaining minutes that can be found, thus the reason for watching via Tivo so I can fast forward through stuff that is running too long.   But there is a new recurring theme that is driving me insane.

I cannot STAND the MacGruber sketches.  It was funny–at first.  It was a spoof on something that I loved as a kid.  After all, who didn’t love a show where an ordinary guy could make a car run on an egg and a rubber band.  But the short enjoyment of the sketch was when they first started back in January of 2007.  It has been over two years!  Get a new gig already!  And for Pete’s sake why do you have an entire miniseries within the episode.  It’s all about fast forwarding, now, baby!  I think the two main characters are very talented, but the theme music alone has me reaching for the remote.

It’s not like there is anything that is much better as a substitute.  We have the anal version of breathe right strips, the edible diaper commercials, the Activa/Jamie Lee Curtis spoofs . . . see a recurring theme here?  This isn’t exactly a welcome alternative to the MacGruber shorts,  but at least they don’t have the awful theme music.

So is the show just in a rut? Does it need fresh writers? Or does America really need to have explosions and bowel movements for entertainment?