Thoughts on Facebook

Is it just me, or has Facebook become the new method of blogging for the ADHD Twitter set?

I enjoy my blog. It allows me to be creative in some form, to express opinions on matters that are pertinent at that particular point in my life, and to post items that are newsworthy at that day and time. Basically, it’s a catch all for me to have conversations with myself to pass the time.

I also enjoy Facebook, and have found that it has kept me from losing my mind while unemployed by providing endless sources of thoughtless entertainment.

Yet as I grow more and more obsessed with reading status updates, it seems to me that it is another method of providing instant updates in miniblog form. Photos from Christmas. Photos from the Superbowl party (guilty). Status updates on how it is time to tackle Mt. Laundry. A posting on 25 things you may/may not know (also guilty). A joke that someone told that made those that know you well laugh along with you and the original jokester.  Top 5 lists.  What people are doing at every second of every day.  It is as if there isn’t enough time to form a full thought so I get to learn about J’s consumption of an entire sleeve of Thin Mints in one sitting while simultaneously learning that M is annoyed with the latest American Idol voting results.

So here is the question: has a personal blog become a thing of the past?

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