Another year has gone by!

And I am another year older.

As my old college friend would say, whoopie-shit.

I know that sounds bad.   I was thoroughly anticipating today to be a blase sort of day, where I would just be able to do my own thing.  Once again I fell to the pressures of society/family/friends and did what they expected of me instead of what I should do.

I really need to get a spine, you know? Continue reading

Utterly Exhausted

I know it is not a fair assessment to make, but sometimes my family, my life, utterly exhausts me.

I feel guilty for even saying that, seeing as how I am currently unemployed and I do not have major obligations. Yet I am sitting here, wiped out, and it’s due to my insane life.

I’m rambling, I know, but there you go. I don’t respond to mental ping-pong very well. I thought when I kicked the last guy out of the house that it wouldn’t be as bad. Instead I have become an unwilling piece of sports equipment among the females on the maternal side.

Just last week I had to drop everything for (yet another) venting session. I understand venting, I’m a big fan of it. This blog wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for venting. Yet the big crisis turned out to be nothing more than a disagreement over who was going to be taking a pair of pants to the hospital.

Sweatpants! Big crisis!!!

More like monster migraine.

Ripped from the Headlines . . . Copied from the Internet–Same Thing

Here’s part two of the tabs I’ve had open for a week or more sharing bizarre and weird information that passes for noteworthy in today’s society. (I suppose I’m a part of that, seeing as how I actually READ this stuff, but there you go….)

  • Evidently the key to winning Rock, Paper, Scissors is to not know which of the three you’re going to throw until the final nanosecond, as subtle arm cues can let your opponent know which of the three you are about to play. That philosophy is what led this guy to win a $20,000 scholarship to Syracuse.  And for the record, paper won.  My question, does the same hold for Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?
  • When I was in college there was a guy named Lee that I knew from BSU that got two speeding tickets in one day, at the same location, from the same cop, while driving to and from home to see his father on Father’s Day.  I think this lady finally has him beat.   Continue reading