Utterly Exhausted

I know it is not a fair assessment to make, but sometimes my family, my life, utterly exhausts me.

I feel guilty for even saying that, seeing as how I am currently unemployed and I do not have major obligations. Yet I am sitting here, wiped out, and it’s due to my insane life.

I’m rambling, I know, but there you go. I don’t respond to mental ping-pong very well. I thought when I kicked the last guy out of the house that it wouldn’t be as bad. Instead I have become an unwilling piece of sports equipment among the females on the maternal side.

Just last week I had to drop everything for (yet another) venting session. I understand venting, I’m a big fan of it. This blog wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for venting. Yet the big crisis turned out to be nothing more than a disagreement over who was going to be taking a pair of pants to the hospital.

Sweatpants! Big crisis!!!

More like monster migraine.

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