A Weekend Away



80 women
40 hours
6 horses
5 houses
4 hours
3 days

Thus was the total of the weekend I had at Sandbridge. 80 women went away to the beach, where from 7pm Friday to 11am Sunday we were able to worship and learn together. We were divided into five different houses, and while we thought leaving at 230 would give us plenty of time to get there we ran into traffic issues on 264 and it took four hours to get there.

It truly was amazing to me how easy it is for some of the women to live so freely in their faith. I hope to grow to the point someday where I am able to think of some of the topics discussed as easily and as naturally as those beautiful women are able to do. The grace that is given so freely is something I have never felt as a child/young adult, and it is difficult to learn these things as an adult without worrying about being self-conscious or awkward or uncomfortable. My sense of self as defined as a child precludes this sort of behavior, and it takes a monumental effort as an adult for me to overcome it.

I did truly enjoy the weekend.  From those 40 years my senior to the few that were younger than I there was something to learn from everyone.   From hanging out on the house porch to communion on the beach Sunday morning there was something moving about each event.  I take great inspiration from these women, and I look forward to continuing in the studies by using the guides that I have from the sessions that I was not a part of.  We’ll see how the rest of the studies go!

(Oh, and the six horses? We came upon a horse trailer that had a horse hanging its head out the window like a Labrador and thought it was a riot.  As we got closer we realized that it was not just one horse it was six.  Too cute!)p1020442

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