I thought Pixar was for kids?!


I have the disk of all the Pixar short films.  (I’m sorry, but Geri’s Game is just freaking brilliant!) I’ve seen them all before, but it’s still fun to see them again.

Have you seen Tin Toy?  It’s the one with a new gift for a baby and he hides under the furniture with the rest of the toys that are afraid of the baby.  It’s a great little film, even won the academy award for best short film.

Can you blame the toys for being scared, though?  That is one seriously disturbing looking baby.  Its appearance is just darn creepy!  The oversized the diaper, the too-short arms, and the head!  With the skin!!  It’ll give me nightmares, that’s for sure.  Just plain weird!!!

Why do people misbehave?

As I write this, it’s 215 in the morning. I have just returned from a friend’s house. I had not planned to go out this evening, I was all set for bed when she called around 11 all upset. She was having trouble speaking so I offered to go over, and she said yes so out the door I flew.

I’ve had a rough week. I’ve had a rough month, actually, which is part of the reason why I’ve been so silent on here. I have missed having her to talk to (she used to live next door), so I was upset myself knowing that she was so distraught.

Earlier this week, she met with a friend. She has known this person for about five years, met in a chat room online.  Talked to him just about every day. Continue reading