Facebook stalker!

My mother defines this phrase.

For a  year, she had been pestering my brother and I about Facebook.  “What’s all the fuss” “Why do you spend so much time on the computer” blah blah blah blah.  We gave her many reasons–ways to catch up with people, ways to keep in touch with those that live far away, ways to stay in contact with those that live overseas and therefore ones we’d never have a chance to hear from otherwise.  She didn’t get it.  So my brother finally set her up on Facebook about four months ago so that she could mess around.

She has 14 friends.  She claims she doesn’t want any more.  All of them are either relatives or friends from my brother or me.

Yet weekly, sometimes daily, I get a voice mail or email saying “Go check out ____’s page!”  It cracks me up.  She who bemoans the lack of privacy and the fact that nothing is personal any more spends HOURS every day looking up her high school acquaintances, old boyfriends of mine, children of people from church, spouses of children of former coworkers, you name it.  And she LOVES to dish about what she finds.

Don’t get me wrong, I think that if you’re going to keep your Facebook profile set to public then you have every right to expect people to read the infinite minutiae of your life.  But there is a limit on what I want to know.  If I wanted to know what my mother’s former coworker’s son’s wife’s brother had for breakfast, then I’d look it up.  I’m just tired of having her send me all this info.  I have enough friends on Facebook, I don’t need to look up random facts of people I’ve never met.

Now, to top it off, I’m getting phone calls about my OWN Facebook activity.  “You shouldn’t have that for a potential employer to see”.  “You shouldn’t post things like that someone will break into your house and rob you blind”. “You make too many comments about your cousin”. “Why do you talk to your church friends so much on Facebook?”.  It goes on and on.  First of all, a potential employer wouldn’t look at anything more than my photo on my Facebook page, thanks to the privacy settings.  That’s what LinkedIn is for–the professional contacts.  The stuff on Facebook is for those that I hang out with, those that are from my past that I don’t mind keeping in touch with, and those that I call family that are close enough to be connected.  I hang out with my friends from church, therefore I post that I’m going to meet them/they’ve come over whatever.  If someone that is on my friend list uses that as an opportunity to break into my house, well, first they’d have to find out where I live and then second it doesn’t say much for my friend base, does it?

Just random venting about this.  I know it’s a tiny thing, but it irks the hell out of me.  And most of all it has me wondering . . . is it wrong to de-friend my mother on Facebook?

Is there such a thing as too conservative or too zealous when it comes to religion?

Small disclaimer: It’s late, I read this article a few weeks ago, then again earlier today, and it is STILL bothering me.  So much so that I had to put my thoughts in some sort of rambling order and try and see if I was making sense, making something out of nothing, or making a fool of myself.  Thus the reason for this rambling essay . . . .

This article, and the fact that this is a serious movement, really does frighten me.  I don’t know why, but it does.  I don’t have a problem with different translations in theory, whatever floats your boat you know?  We all have our personally favored translation that we use regularly because we identify with the style of speech, type of writing, etc.  I just have a feeling that if a translation such as this proposes were available it would lead to all sorts of behavior by the extremists, some of which already have their own interpretation of the version in use today.  The simple fact that they consider the KJV to be ‘liberal’ at best to me indicates that they are already skewed in their thinking, not to mention approaching this from an extremely biased perspective–albeit the opposite perspective than the one they currently believe exists in error.

Currently this group feels that the translations out today show a lack of accuracy in both modern language and the original texts as well as a disconnect that has occurred during the translation process, and the group is trying to correct these issues.  I don’t have a problem with some of their requirements for a new translation, such as the logic of hell or open-mindedness.  Nor do I care about gender-inclusive language; in most spoken languages (English being the exception thanks to the PC movement) the plural form of any group of objects is masculine, regardless of the number of females or feminine objects present.  One masculine presence, and the plural form is masculine.  To my knowledge this is only an issue here, in English, but it has never bothered me.

I do take issue with other points.  Continue reading