“You, too, can change your life in just 60 days!”

When I first began this blog in April 2008 (yikes!) it was with the challenge to write something every day for sixty days.  I accepted the challenge, and while there were some nights where I was on the verge of listing my supper contents to qualify for a posting I managed to post something every day for sixty days–and then some.  I grew to enjoy the mental exercise and had a lot of fun with this little website.  Once my employment status changed, however, there was a significant decrease in the number of posts that came up.  I no longer ‘collected’ interesting news stories with the intent of publishing a roundup in a posting, I didn’t have scraps of paper with fun ideas or topics I wanted to discuss, and basically with all that was going on in my life I had other things on my mind.  I had a hard time finding ways to communicate with my friends, much less with the unknown three or four people out there in cyberspace that stumbled across my blog.  Occasionally I’d have a rant I needed to vent, questions or theological issues I was struggling over, a charming story to share . . . but for the most part I was just silent.

Love, Kay

Well after today, my fair friends, that shall change.  A young friend of mine has started her own blog, which you can find over at Love, Kay.  One of her first entries cracked me up, because it took me back to my first few days online.  To quote her, “I finally gave in to this whole blog thing and now i feel like a idiot not because i made one but because i feel like a retard trying to figure it all out. . . .  So while I go through this new website craziness.I would really like to ask someone for help.”  Yep, that’s how I felt.  But then I thought of two things–my friend who challenged me to write something every day for sixty days, and the movie Finding Forrester.  There’s a scene in the movie where Jamal (played brilliantly by Rob Brown) is asking Forrester (played by the brilliant Sean Connery) for help with his writing.  He’s told to sit down at the typewriter and to write something, but when he sits down he is stumped and just stares at the keys.  Forrester sits down and just starts typing away, while Jamal looks at him as if he is trying to decide if Forrester is brilliant or insane.  Forrester’s response is, “No thinking – that comes later. You must write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is… to write, not to think!”

So I issued the same challenge to my young friend.  To write something every day for sixty days, regardless of content, mood, or coherent thought processes.  And to jump-start my own blogging habit again I offered to undertake the same task with her, posting every day for the next sixty.  To write.  To write with the heart.

Once again, I invite you to join me.  Here’s hoping it will be a lovely ride!

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