Guilty as charged

Everyone has a vice. Everyone has a guilty pleasure. Everyone has a secret that they don’t particularly care to have known among the general public but that their closest friends are privy to (and tease you endlessly about).

Well, I’m here to blatantly admit my guilty secret. It’s a bit shameful, it’s a bit embarrassing, but here you go:

I adore teen television and movies.

Yep, the word is out. I can quote just about every word to Clueless, where there is verification that Ren and Stimpy are “way existential”.  I grew up loving the cheesy 80s dance routines from Girls Just Want To Have Fun, and totally empathized with Janey, because at seven-and-a-half night life WAS The Muppet Show and parents just didn’t get that we were ten years older. Plus I thought that Helen Hunt was awesome as a rebellious teenager. And who doesn’t love Kat Strafford from Ten Things I Hate About You.  Her attitude, combined with an awesome soundtrack by Letters to Cleo?  Win-win!  (The TV show, though, don’t like so much.)

I loved “Dawson’s Creek”, and was thrilled that Pacey won in the end.  Because let’s face it, Dawson was a whiney patsy-boy.  I thought “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” was awesome and coveted her wardrobe, plus you know that Angel guy was hot . . . and then there was Spike!  I watched every episode of “Gilmore Girls” and totally think I could be best friends with Lauren Graham.  (She was raised a Virginia girl, after all!)  I watched the first few episodes of “Supernatural” and thought it was boring, but a friend got me back into it and now I’m halfway through Season 3. The new show “Make It or Break It” has turned into weekly must-see viewing for me, unfortunately, and I am admitting that here, for all five people that read this blog to see.

Why is it that these things are so enjoyable for me?  Why is it that I can put in Center Stage or She’s All That and waste a thoroughly enjoyable two hours getting lost in the teenage angst that I hated myself when I was that age?

I think that might be a part of the reason.  The fact that I hated that part of my life so very, very much.  The fact that I have no desire to relive high school and all the drama that occurs personally, but can live vicariously through the characters on the small and large screen.

Who cares why, after all.  It’s fun, the shows are a hoot, and a great way to pass the time without having to deal with any of my personal circumstances for a fun hour or two.  So for now, I say sit back on the couch, hit the play button, and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Guilty as charged

  1. I am totally with you on this. i had nothing like the life of teens in moves and whatnot but I certainly can watch them til the cows come home. Clueless, I think I saw it at the cinema 3 times, own 2 copies of the DVD, countless times I videotaped it. Pretty much know it line for line too. My vice though was watching all five bring It On movies… guilty pleasures, i’m in overdrive!

  2. Love Gilmore Girls and LOVE SUPERNATURAL those are my shows especially cause Jared Padalecki (Dean in GG’s and Sam in SN) my husband is in them haha but love thoses shows I also love the shows GREEK and Secret Life, They are both really good shows as well

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