Sheldon Cooper is my hero

Sunday night is the night where the girls hang out.  We watch tv or movies or play games, and two of the three of us knit or crochet to pass the time while watching television.  Tonight there is no new episode of Grey’s Anatomy or Private Practice, so we decided to catch up one of the girls with the Big Bang Theory.  She is through the first season, and we’re now into season two.

More than anything else, I love Sheldon Cooper.  There are just things he says to be a part of the conversation that crack me up.  His complete and total lack of comprehension of social norms is a hoot, and then there is the new go-to word for fun times.


Going back to season two now.  Have a great night!

So stinkin’ proud

This morning I got up before dawn (which if you know me is pretty darn impressive) to be at church by 7 and at the mall by 720.  The kids from the choir I assist in were singing the national anthem and providing entertainment for the SCAN (Stop Child Abuse Now) 5k that occurs out by the mall.  We have 115 in the choir, and since this was optional were hoping that 40 or so showed up.

We had that, plus a few more! The parents were so enthusiastic to take photos that they couldn’t get out of the way of the runners that the runners could watch, but that’s okay.  It made them look good.  We (meaning the kids) sang for about an hour, doing very very well in the FREEZING cold. Parents cheered and passed out fliers

But the best part was this little girl in a pink coat.  She kept bringing her grandmother over to see the kids sing, and eventually the grandmother let her walk over on her own.  She was copying the movements for some of the songs, and after about ten minutes and walked so close that she was IN the group.  Best part of all?  The last song the kids sang has no movements, so we just had the director up front.  And this little girl thought they were the movements so she was doing them as best as she could, right along with the leader.

Absolutely adorable!

Proof that Industry Standards need to change

Project Runway is one of my favorite reality television shows.  Yes, it’s starting to cycle.  Yes, it’s all starting to run together.  Yes, it’s formulaic.  But it’s still impressive to see the amazing talent (and incredible delusion) that the contestants have.  The new follow-up show, Models of the Runway, has been fun as well.  It’s been interesting to see the girls that never talked before and how they are going through the competition.

Last season there was a model that was visited by her son.  I remember thinking that there was no way on earth that those hips had borne a child.  This woman–a statuesque 5’10”, beautiful complexion, skeleton with skin–was just so stinkin’ skinny, I could not imagine her pregnant.  The picture I have in my head is of a woman toppling over because the weight of the pumpkin sitting on her front was pulling her over.

That being said, this past month was New York Fashion Week.  Models galore with the opportunity to walk the catwalk for genius designers, some working as many as three shows a day.  One of the more famous models recently is the lovely 21-year-old Coco Rocha.  At 120 pounds, she is, in my opinion, underweight for her 5’10” frame.  Yet the people in New York have been denying her work because her size 4 frame is considered too fat for fashion.

The average American woman is at least a size 12.  The average runway model has gained weight and moved to a size zero from a size double zero.  What about this is normal?  What happened to the Christie Brinkley’s and the Cindy Crawfords of old, the women with curves?  What happened to HEALTHY looking women?  Did the Kate Moss era change the perspective of every human?  Do people really think that skeletal hipbones are healthy and normal?

I’m not advocating a nation of obese people.  I’m not saying we all need to have Krispy Kreme for three meals every day.  I am just asking what the perception of normal is in an industry that is supposed to appeal to the common woman.

Generation Gap

I had half a post put together for tonight with Olympic moments, but didn’t get to finish it.  So I guess that will have to wait until after the closing ceremonies.  The reason it didn’t get finished is tonight, after choir, I had an impromptu meeting that took an hour and then I had to drive to Midlothian and work on my parents virus-infected computer for two hours.  I am now exhausted.

While I am thrilled that my mother/step-father and grandmother have email and love to use it, I think that someone needs to invent the fisher-price equivalent of computers for seniors.  Every thing that pops up, they click on.  Every thing they see, they install.  Which means I have to spend hours trying to clean up the system.  Tonight I didn’t even finish.  After over two hours I said sayonara and took off to come home, because I am beat!

Night all!

Roller Coaster Day!

You ever have a morning when you wake up and you really don’t want to get out of bed because you’re afraid the day isn’t going to get better?

That was me this morning.  I didn’t fall asleep until 5am, so I was exhausted when I woke up at 10.  But then surprise! I got asked to lunch by a friend I hadn’t seen in a few months and we had a delightful few hours checking up.  Then I went to the gym and swam not one but TWO miles.  Yay me.  (Side note: I realize it’s Purim, but it really is just plain EVIL to be selling Hamantaschen in the main hall.  Pastries in the gym? SO difficult to pass by!)  Then I met a former coworker and good friend for drinks, with plans to pick up another friend for our weekly TV night later.

But then the phone rang.  It was my someone who rarely calls me.  And as I had seen I had one missed call from him earlier this evening, I answered and asked if I could call back since I was still with my friend, but there was something in his voice that made me pause.  Something was not right.  Something was very, very wrong.  And he wanted me on the phone even if he couldn’t talk about it.  So I made my hasty apologies to my very understanding friend and spent the next hour on the phone.  My heart is now breaking for him, as I don’t know what I can do to help other than be here, and he is out of town.

I still picked up my friend, and still went to TV night (yay Lost!) but my head wasn’t there so much as it was with him.  And yes, it was a roller coaster day.  I guess at the end of the day all I can say is I love you, and if you need to call again I’m here.

Growing up is hard to do

Tonight was my life group meeting.  It’s a group of girls that meets every other Monday night, and lately we’ve been discussing Esther.  It started about sixteen months ago, and I’ve been going for about fourteen.  Through last year and the summer we had about 12 on roster and maybe 6-8 active.  Once the fall started we had a growth explosion.  God truly blessed our group and our numbers just rocketed.  We had as many as 18-20 crammed into that living room, and maybe 8-10 more that would come sporadically.  Lately we’ve leveled out around 12-14 each week, and I’m so thankful that I can call these women my friends and my closest confidants.  I was telling one of them tonight–I don’t know what I would have done the last year-plus without having this group to turn to.  It’s been YEARS since I’ve had a group of women that I had this much in common with, and even not in common with, but we all love Jesus and come together to grow through God.  For that matter, I’ve NEVER had a group like this, for in high school and college it wasn’t the same.  And I wouldn’t change what I have now for the world.

Unfortunately, I’m not the one that gets to choose if we change or not.  Tonight the decision was announced that the group is splitting in half.  It is something I dreaded.  I knew it was coming, I expected it, but I didn’t want to see it because I don’t want to lose the connection with whatever girls are going to be in the other group.  We have to do it, I understand that.  The church has ‘closed’ our group for five months now because we cannot accept more, yet there are still women looking to join groups and to fill a need.  By splitting, we are now able to accommodate them and ‘reopen’.  I know that change is good, and that growth is good, but selfishly I do not want to split for the aforementioned reason.

We are going to try to have a social once a month minimum so that we can stay close.  And who knows, if membership dwindles then we will reform, but as for now we’ll make the best of it and see how things go.  I’m excited about the opportunity, and hope for the best with both sets of women, though I will miss having J as my leader!!!

Of all the days . . . .

I love Sundays.  I go to the early service, play with kids in kids church, have a few hours to myself, then have girls night.  It’s my favorite day of the week.

Today the schedule was a bit different.  I went to church, but it was the late service because today was baby dedication Sunday for B, NoMH, and their five-month old baby.  Her parents were here, his mom and brother were here, and our Sunday night third was there–with her entire family.  Her husband and two kids, aged 4 and almost 6.

Last week C and her family started going to church themselves.  Raised Catholic, she and her husband haven’t been much since they got married six years ago.  Last week they went for the first time in ages to a local church, and enjoyed it.  They went again for Ash Wednesday, and then to the early service this morning.  Then instead of just C showing up for baby dedication the entire family came.  Normally, I’d be thrilled.  Today was another story, however. Continue reading

Winter Jam

Tonight is a night I had been looking forward to for a long time.  I heard about winter jam from a promo email from JPJ arena in Charlottesville, and started asking if people wanted to go.  As usual, it was hard to get people that wanted to commit.  But last week, I had a group of 15 that wanted to go.  Today, four went.

That’s okay, though.  The four of us, all girls from LG, had a great time.  The lineup of bands was spectacular.  The tour was sponsored by Newsong, who I remember as a bunch of old guys that sounded like elevator music when I first heard them back in high school.  They’re a bit better, thankfully, and they sang the one song I remember (and liked) from when I was a kid, “Arise”.  It must be an anthem of sorts for them.  Plus I still loved every word.  Also performing: Fireflight (a bit loud, but okayish), Sidewalk Prophets, Robert Pierre, Tenth Avenue North, Newsboys, and Third Day.

The whole reason I wanted to go was to see the Newsboys with new frontman Michael Tait.  I remember when he first put out DC Talk, and thought it would be interesting to see how the Newsboys worked with him in the front as their former lead singer had such a distinctive sound and was really the one that took them out of the electronica genre into something you could actually sing with.  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  And just to pull out something that this (now officially) older crowd member could relate to, they ended the set with “Jesus Freak”.  I absolutely loved it.

Intermission, guest speaker, (it’s not a Christian concert if you don’t have a pitch for charity as well), then Tenth Avenue North.  I didn’t realize lead singer was from Fredericksburg!  Then Third Day.

What a great night.  Best $10 I’ve spent in a LONG time!!!

Just filling cyberspace

I really don’t have much to write about today.  I could pull out the Best Sellers game, but honestly it’s in the other room.  Nothing noteworthy happened today.  I woke up, ate breakfast and had some tea while I read a book, did some work around the house, looked for a job, went to the hospital to get my shots, went to the gym, came home and made chicken noodle soup from scratch, watched the men’s figure skating competition from last night (yes, I avoided spoilers all day), then came in the back room for more computer work and to finally read the Olympic headlines.  Now I’m off to bed.

Did I mention I’m Olympics obsessed?  Yeah, I think I did.  I’ll try and do a round up tomorrow before I go to a concert, but who knows if that will happen! Depends on my productivity level during the day!

Just one of those days

This morning, the second day of Lent, I woke up with the alarm but later than I would have liked.  Hey, with the alarm is better than the usual, which is without.  I got caught up in something this morning, maybe it was last night’s episode of Shear Genius, anyway, before I knew it I had sat around the house for an hour longer than intended.  I wanted to go to the gym and swim today, but I had a luncheon with former coworkers downtown at 1245.  I require at least two hours to swim–an hour in the water minimum, then the 30 minute reward in the sauna, then shower and change.  So I wasn’t going to be able to do that and then get home in time to change for my luncheon without really hustling and worrying about time.  And really, what’s the use in working out if you’re stressed out about time? (Yeah, I know it’s a lame excuse, but it’s what I got.)  So no gym today.  Which meant around 1015 I was done with all my computer work for the day, done with TV, done with everything, and didn’t feel like getting dressed yet.  So I just kinda bummed around.  I called my dad.  No answer.  I called B, even though she’s at work.  No answer.  Finally caved and called mom because I knew that would be at least a half hour gone.

I got dressed and went to my lunch, finally, and had a good time.  Ran an errand or two, hung some fliers for the upcoming children’s production at church, and then home.  Where I tried to do more computer work and promptly fell asleep in the chair around 6 for about half an hour.

I could have been much more productive today, I know I could have.  I just didn’t really want to.  It was just one of those days.

It’s Irksome!

A friend of mine has two older brothers.  The wives of both are friends of mine as well, one much more so than the other.  I read today on Facebook that J&A are expecting their second child, to go along with an 18 month old they already have.  The expected congratulations were forthcoming, including one from the future grandmother, who wrote, “Wishing you the best for an eazy pregnancy and a healthy baby!”

Eazy.  From a woman who taught high school English for her entire career.

I don’t know why but that irks the tar out of me.  I can handle misspelled words–as we all know the electronic youth of today have no concept of spell-check or constantly use gr8 as an acceptable printing of great.  Usually I just read with no concern.  But for some reason, to have a former English teacher do that bothered me.  Probably because she’s someone who has no problem correcting my speech in normal conversation or critiquing her daughter in public or correcting what she thinks is wrong for anyone.

But for some reason, tonight, when I saw eazy?  Really?  It irked me.

I’m just sayin’.

Oh, my aching arms

This time last year I was joining a gym.  I became very diligent in going every day, swimming a mile about four times a week and then trying to hit the fitness center as well about three days a week.  I was pretty good about going, too.  Lost no weight (okay, I lost a half a pound in eight months) but then I could tell I was building muscle, especially in my arms.

I love to swim.  I’m not so fond of sweating, so ‘working out’ isn’t my favorite thing.  I like strength training, and working with weights, and riding a bike (especially when there is a tv screen attached)–but sweating? Not so much.  Thus the love of swimming.  I can’t tell if I am sweating since I’m already in water.  I use resistance paddles, work my upper torso especially, and also try to swim on just my legs.  A bum set of knees makes that harder, but I do try.  So I enjoy the time that I spend there.

Then, last fall, November came around.  Continue reading

Fat Tuesday Eve

Let’s make something clear.

I am not a Catholic.

This is something that my mother tries to force down my throat every year around this time, when I start talking about what I might give up for Lent.  “You’re not Catholic!” she says.  “You were raised Baptist! You’re not supposed to give up anything!”

I was in college when I first encountered people close to me that observed Lent.  Sheltered as I was, I had a lot of questions.  It was a few years, but after much deliberation I started giving up things for Lent as well.  At first it was the more popular sacrifices: chocolate, alcohol, salt, swearing.  Not too difficult, seeing as how I don’t go to chocolate first, don’t drink much (I was the permanent Designated Driver in college), I don’t add salt to my food, and at the time I was on a righteous kick so I rarely swore.  Plus there was always Sunday, which as a feast day was the day where you could indulge.  I made up for the prior week with mimosas and horrid food at brunch! 🙂

As I grew older, there were years where I halfheartedly made Lenten sacrifices.  Candy.  (Don’t really eat it.)  Sex.  (Wasn’t having it anyway.)  Smoking.  (Never smoked in my life.) Going out and partying.  (Never partied–I was working three jobs, so when I had free time all I wanted to do was sleep.)  Then, about five years ago, I finally got serious.  What is the point of sacrificing something if it wasn’t something that was difficult?  Continue reading

Star crossed love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

As a single woman, it’s usually just a day to me.  How pleasantly surprised was I to come home from the ballet this afternoon and see a present on my kitchen counter from the NoMH and his son.  Too cute!  Wonderful treat!

I have mixed feelings on this holiday.  I have been with people on Valentine’s day and had an awesome Hallmark holiday.  I have been with people on Valentine’s day and realized that the relationship was, in essence, over.  I have been alone on Valentine’s day and been miserable.  I have been alone on Valentine’s day and been perfectly happy.

Today has been a good day.  Overslept and missed church, which was a bummer.  Volunteered for the ballet, and then got to leave early (wasn’t a great show).  Came home to my candy surprise, took a nap, and then talked to a friend for an hour that I haven’t talked to since New Year’s Eve.  Come to think of it, we were together on Valentine’s about fifteen years ago (fourteen?).  Nice that we’re still friends.  And tomorrow is his birthday to boot, happy 40th!

I don’t have a lot to talk about today, it’s been a good day albeit uneventful.  So instead I’ll leave you with this photo of two ocean creatures not normally known for their canoodling, and wish you all a good night!