Bridal Dos and Don’ts, Part 4

Disclaimer: Seriously, this is just stuff I think.  Make your own list!

Final notes

  • Your caterers are waiters and waitresses.  They are usually making about $4/hour for your event.  TIP THEM.  If you tip the manager or the catering director, the odds are that the money will never make it to the staff.  One of the companies that I left a management position in I left for that very reason–the owner got the tip and didn’t share, and it equated to several hundred dollars per event minimum.  That should be split amongst those that actually work the event, and he was pocketing it.  I was taxed for it.  If at all possible, tip the servers the night of the function, as the odds that they will receive the money will go up considerably.  Also tip appropriately.  $100 for a catered event for 250 people means that each worker will get about $7.50.  You do the math.  If you can tip your bartenders separately, that’s even better.  They are second to the bridal bitch in the hardest working people around.
  • If you see the workers drinking, it’s kind of standard.  I don’t drink often, and I never drink at work.  It’s a habit born of having to drive everyone else home.  But chefs are known for their alcohol abuse, and you can bet that when the last guest is gone everyone is popping the bottle open.  If you are in a smaller venue you’ll probably see blatant consummation.
  • Speaking of consummation, don’t consummate the wedding at the reception, wait until the wedding night.  That’s just tacky, y’all.  And most of all, keep an eye on the bridal party.  Those of you who are not marrying for love (and you know who you are) need to be wary.  More than once I have walked in on the groom with someone in a compromising position, and that someone was not the one wearing white that just said “I do”.
  • The day is supposed to be fun.  Don’t sweat the small stuff.  So it’s raining, it’s good luck in some cultures.  So the mother of the groom is patting your belly asking about the bun in the oven, and you’ve not even thought about kids.  She’s now your family, and you’ve got to learn to ignore her at some point.  It’s a whole new life baby, get ready for the ride!

That’s it, kiddos.  I could have kept going, but even I am sick of reading this stuff.  What are your tips???

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