The L in the Middle of Your Forehead

Never Been Kissed was a cute movie.  School geek grows up, gets a newspaper job, and goes undercover at a high school again to talk about how hard it is.  Plus, yummy!, Michael Vartan.  Anyway, there is one scene that just irritates me.  I know it’s a common practice, but I can’t stand it when kids do that “L” to the middle of your forehead and shout “LOSER”.  Or when adults do it even.

This video clip shows when Josie (Drew Barrymore) falls asleep on top of her club stamp, and has the brand on her forehead.  Start at about :45 in, and watch to about 2:33.

Kids are cruel.  Shoot, people are cruel, and that’s the truth.  Don’t want to be, but I suppose at times I am too.  Still, there is just something so crass about the thumb-and-index-finger motion.  It’s something I can’t stand.

Tonight at Bible study changed how I think about that gesture.  We’re almost finished with Beth Moore’s Esther study, and it has been quite enjoyable.  Beth Moore can irk the tar out of me on occasion, as she is VERY Texan.  Texas hair, Texas dress, Texas voice, and Texas attitude.  Gotta love a purist.  Anyway, she sits there and was going on about how it’s tough being a woman (the theme of the study) and how there are times when things just get away from you and things are not any good and you feel like you can’t do anything right and there are times when you feel that there must be a great big “L” smack in the middle of your forehead.

But here’s the important lesson.  Instead of “L” for “loser”, think of it as an “L” for Lord.  Just remember that the Lord is the one that can help us through those times.  The Lord is the one that takes care of things when we feel they have gotten away from us.  The Lord is the one that carries us when we feel nothing is going our way.  The Lord is the one that is front and center, smack dab in the middle of our forehead, put there to help us remember the true direction in which we should be going.

I’m going to remember that the next time I see someone extend their thumb and index finger and hold it up to their face.  The Lord is the one that is front and center, the one that guides my way, the one that never considers me to be a loser, the one that guides my path.

What an awesome analogy.

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