I before E except after C

There was some moment during the Superbowl party I was at the other night where I started thinking this was a stupid rule.  Something that came up while on a commercial perhaps? Or something that I saw flashing across the screen?  And then I was obsessed.  I started thinking of tons of words that had nothing to do with this silly mnemonic device.  Come to find out schools in Britain actually asked teachers to stop teaching this rhyme to students, as it led to confusion instead of helping them spell correctly.

So I looked up a list of words that are exceptions.  And came up with this:

On a recent vacation through the sovereign state of Brunei, I was canoeing and contemplating the random thoughts in my head.  I had recently seen a screening of Knights Tale featuring the late Heath Ledger, and while the antics of Sir Ulrich von Liechtenstein did not translate well into Malay it was still an enjoyable two hours spent in this foreign country.  While on my leisurely trek downriver I saw eight sheiks on the shoreline, and wondered if one of them was heir to the sultan’s reign.  While I may not agree with the policies of this society, the concierge at my hotel assured me that the deity system in place was one that was quite efficient.  The sheiks were examining a freight shipment of heifer shaped toys filled with eiderdown.

Okay, even I admit this is stupid.  I just had no idea what to write for today.  My creativity is tapped, people.  I’m taking a bye on this one and calling it done.  I’ll come up with something read-worthy by tomorrow!!

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