Best Sellers: Metropolitan Madness brought to you by the letters R and D

My family loves to play games.  Always has.  And we’ve amassed a collection of oddball games, you know–like the kind you find at Barnes & Noble around the holiday season.  One of the ones that I was given years ago is called Best Sellers.  (Subtitled with “the creative writing game where novel ideas make you a winner!)  I have always loved this game, but it’s hard finding people that enjoy it.  After all, it’s not Go Fish–it requires thought.  You draw a card, and that’s your topic.  Then you draw two more cards, and those are your letters.  You have two minutes to write about the topic using as many words as possible that start with the drawn letters.  Each word is worth a point, and can only be counted the first time they are used (so you can’t have the letter A and score over and over again for ‘and and and and and and and and’ sort of thing).

Stuck at home on yet another snow day where I’m not going anywhere and have had nothing interesting happen to me to get the creative juices flowing enough to write about I figured this would be a great opportunity to pull out the game that m friends don’t like and use it.  So today’s topic is Metropolitan Madness, the letters are R and D. One flip of the timer doesn’t seem like much, though, so I’ll do three.  My time starts now:

Recently, during a trip to the roaring metropolitan downtown area known as Reno, my darling daughter Drucilla and I went to the store.  She was anxious to check out the stores that carried retro clothing and dance attire, satisfying her urge to look like a raging bohemian and a hoofer that really dreamed of dancing on the grand stage.  The stores were slightly rundown, and dare I say they were on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, but that didn’t stop my daughter from ruthlessly digging through the piles of remnant clothing to find the best bargains.  After our shopping expedition (and the requisite damage to my Discover card) we decided to hit the restaurants in the resort we were staying at to determine what sort of desserts we could find in this desert town.  Discarding those that specialized in chocolate or other dastardly delectable treats, we resorted to a diner where they offered the best root beer floats we could find.  Despite the sugar overload, we were dragging.  We hailed a cab and raced back to our rooms to rest up before hitting the town that night, and once our head hit the pillow we were out like a light.  The requested wake-up call failed to register and we overslept, but we still managed to dash off and make the final show.

Recently, roaring, Reno, retro, raging, really, rundown, ruthlessly, remnant, requisite, restaurants, resort, resorted, root beer, raced, rooms, rest, requested, register=19

During, downtown, darling, daughter, Drucilla, dance, dreamed, dancing, dare, declaring, didn’t, digging, damage, Discover, decided, determine, desserts, desert, discarding, dastardly, delectable, diner, despite, dragging, dash=25

Total score for the day=44.  Not bad, huh?

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