Aw, he’s all growed up now!

Totally meant to post this the other day.

You know that feeling you get when you are watching a movie and you’re so distracted because you know you have seen the guy before but you just can’t place him?  That was me watching Dear John last Friday.  The guy that plays Tim.  I knew I had seen him before, I just couldn’t place it.  About 45 minutes into the movie I figured it out.  He’s been in a ton of movies, and I had just watch (a truly awful) one a few weeks ago called I’m with Lucy.  Darned if it wasn’t the same guy.

Of course, no one has seen I’m with Lucy.  It’s one of those movies you can usually get for $2.99 in a bin somewhere.  The rest of you might recognize him from one of his more famous roles:

Yep, it’s Elliott!  All growed up!  Still cute, in his own dorky way, isn’t he?

(And rent I’m with Lucy.  It’s so bad it’s enjoyable.  Besides, it has Henry Thomas, David Boreanaz, Anthony LaPaglia, John Hannah, and Monica Potter.  It’s a fun two hours.)

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