In defense of the worst, part two, in honor of Valentine’s Day, recently posted what they consider to be the worst 25 romantic comedies of all time.

25. Rumor Has It
24. Blind Date
23. Simply Irresistable
22. Employee of the Month
21. Arthur 2: On the Rocks
20. Alex & Emma
19. Haunted Honeymoon
18. Two of a Kind
17. Who’s That Girl
16. Over Her Dead Body
15. Down to You
14. My Boss’s Daughter
13. Say It Isn’t So
12. I Love Trouble
11. Good Luck Chuck
10. All About Steve
9. Summer Catch
8. Because I Said So
7. Mannequin: On the Move
6. Dirty Love
5. The Beautician and the Beast
4. Mr. Wrong
3. From Justin to Kelly
2. The Hottie and the Nottie
1. Gigli

I have to say I agree with the top dozen or so, but it’s the bottom half of the list that I actually have a few that I am fond of.  Specifically, numbers 24, 23, and 17. Continue reading