In defense of the worst, part two, in honor of Valentine’s Day, recently posted what they consider to be the worst 25 romantic comedies of all time.

25. Rumor Has It
24. Blind Date
23. Simply Irresistable
22. Employee of the Month
21. Arthur 2: On the Rocks
20. Alex & Emma
19. Haunted Honeymoon
18. Two of a Kind
17. Who’s That Girl
16. Over Her Dead Body
15. Down to You
14. My Boss’s Daughter
13. Say It Isn’t So
12. I Love Trouble
11. Good Luck Chuck
10. All About Steve
9. Summer Catch
8. Because I Said So
7. Mannequin: On the Move
6. Dirty Love
5. The Beautician and the Beast
4. Mr. Wrong
3. From Justin to Kelly
2. The Hottie and the Nottie
1. Gigli

I have to say I agree with the top dozen or so, but it’s the bottom half of the list that I actually have a few that I am fond of.  Specifically, numbers 24, 23, and 17.

24. ‘Blind Date’ (1987)

Blake Edwards had some great comedies in the late 80s.  I always liked this one!  Blind dates are, by definition, miserable experiences, and when Bruce Willis’s character is told that Kim Basinger’s character can’t have alcohol because ‘it makes her crazy’, well, why wouldn’t he try and get her drunk?  Not only did she go nuts, but it turns out it doesn’t just make her crazy she actually has an alcohol allergy and does not remember anything that happens while she is inebriated–which also shows a wonderful lack of a filter on propriety.  Just a fun romp, and a nostalgic pic when you look at the movie as a snapshot of the mid 80s.

23. ‘Simply Irresistible’ (1999)

When I need a calm movie that is just a bit of fun to pass the time, I pop this one in.  Yes, I own it on DVD.  I think it’s a great little flick.  Kitchen focused, for those of us that love the industry, and slightly fanciful, it’s just a charming and fun little movie.  Granted, it’s not Sarah Michelle Gellar’s greatest flick, but it’s still fun.  On the ironic side, let’s just note that her husband, Freddie Prinze, Jr., stars in not one but two of the movies on the list, Down to You and Summer Catch.

17. Who’s That Girl’ (1987)

Okay, it stars Madonna.  And she talks in a horrid accent.  But it’s fun!  It’s campy!  “I had her in my cab once”.  It’s an awesome movie.  There’s a jungle on top of a building somewhere in downtown Manhattan!  I dare any girl that was in high school in the 80s to say that they didn’t watch this movie a half dozen times and love every second of it.  So yes, it’s a bad movie.  But it’s so bad it’s GOOD!

There were, of course, a few movies omitted from the list.  Or at least in my opinion.  I would have added Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughan, PS I Love You with the usually-awesome Gerard Butler and Hilary Swank (once you read the book you’ll hate the movie), and Just Married with Ashton Kutcher and Brittany Murphy to name a few.

The whole point of these movies is campy fun.  If you have a bad plot it can still be a good movie, but you have to have the camp factor.  Unfortunately, without it, it is simply a waste of money.

What about you? What are your favorite campy so-bad-they’re-good romantic comedies??

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