It’s Irksome!

A friend of mine has two older brothers.  The wives of both are friends of mine as well, one much more so than the other.  I read today on Facebook that J&A are expecting their second child, to go along with an 18 month old they already have.  The expected congratulations were forthcoming, including one from the future grandmother, who wrote, “Wishing you the best for an eazy pregnancy and a healthy baby!”

Eazy.  From a woman who taught high school English for her entire career.

I don’t know why but that irks the tar out of me.  I can handle misspelled words–as we all know the electronic youth of today have no concept of spell-check or constantly use gr8 as an acceptable printing of great.  Usually I just read with no concern.  But for some reason, to have a former English teacher do that bothered me.  Probably because she’s someone who has no problem correcting my speech in normal conversation or critiquing her daughter in public or correcting what she thinks is wrong for anyone.

But for some reason, tonight, when I saw eazy?  Really?  It irked me.

I’m just sayin’.

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