Just one of those days

This morning, the second day of Lent, I woke up with the alarm but later than I would have liked.  Hey, with the alarm is better than the usual, which is without.  I got caught up in something this morning, maybe it was last night’s episode of Shear Genius, anyway, before I knew it I had sat around the house for an hour longer than intended.  I wanted to go to the gym and swim today, but I had a luncheon with former coworkers downtown at 1245.  I require at least two hours to swim–an hour in the water minimum, then the 30 minute reward in the sauna, then shower and change.  So I wasn’t going to be able to do that and then get home in time to change for my luncheon without really hustling and worrying about time.  And really, what’s the use in working out if you’re stressed out about time? (Yeah, I know it’s a lame excuse, but it’s what I got.)  So no gym today.  Which meant around 1015 I was done with all my computer work for the day, done with TV, done with everything, and didn’t feel like getting dressed yet.  So I just kinda bummed around.  I called my dad.  No answer.  I called B, even though she’s at work.  No answer.  Finally caved and called mom because I knew that would be at least a half hour gone.

I got dressed and went to my lunch, finally, and had a good time.  Ran an errand or two, hung some fliers for the upcoming children’s production at church, and then home.  Where I tried to do more computer work and promptly fell asleep in the chair around 6 for about half an hour.

I could have been much more productive today, I know I could have.  I just didn’t really want to.  It was just one of those days.

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