Just because we are friends doesn’t mean that’s okay

I don’t know what it is.  Do I inspire disrespect? Do I have an aura about me that reads “loves slackers and those that can’t be dependable”? Or is the moral accountability in today’s society just not there any longer?

Today was a rough day.  After being at the theater for twelve hours yesterday, coming home and decompressing and dealing with the time change, let’s just say I was a heathen this morning.  I didn’t get up in time to go to early service, and to be quite frank with you I had no desire to go at all.  It was one of those days where you are just feeling anti-social and want to do nothing but be by yourself.  I know that sounds odd and selfish, but we all need decompress time, right?  No TV, no crowds–I spent the morning with a few cups of chai and a book, then cleaned (or pretended to), and got ready for dinner.

I wasn’t particularly in the mood for dinner.  For those that are unaware, Sunday nights are girls night at my house.  I Tivo that week’s episodes of Gray’s Anatomy and Private Practice, and after dinner we settle in and watch.  Because of the kid’s production at church last week, we had four hours of TV to catch up on.  Dinner, every week, is at 5pm at my house.  I haven’t ‘cooked’ much lately–made chicken noodle soup from scratch, or homemade spaghetti sauce, or something like that, but it had been a while since I had done the whole course-meal thing.  So, to celebrate spring (since we couldn’t celebrate Pi Day since Beth gave up sweets for Lent), I prepared a pretty darn good meal if I do say so myself.

Dinner was artichoke and Parmesan stuffed chicken breasts grilled outside, a homemade carrot salad, peas, and homemade rolls.  The rolls didn’t rise fully, but that’s okay they were still good.  Plus kneading dough is good for the aggression.

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Wicked tired!

So I was supposed to have a relaxing Saturday.  No worries, no problems, just hanging out with friends.

That got canceled.  Instead I ended up back at the Mosque, for about eleven hours, helping with Wicked.

It’s a fabulous show, but I am beat.  People complaining because of their seats being broken, an usher made them mad, an usher stole their  credit card/ID, it’s exhausting!

I’m going to bed!

I’m building an ark

Yep, it’s that time of  year again.  No matter what you do, the house smells like wet dog.  Appealing, isn’t it?

To top it off, I’m also dogsitting, so I’ve spent lots of time two doors down–with three more dogs.  And thus the reason for a small posting tonight.  I am just not inspired by this weather.

Unadulterated Loathing for Wicked

I volunteer at several of the local theaters (or theatre, depending on the locale).  I love doing it, even for the shows that I have no desire to see.  Last night was the first night of a three-week run for Wicked–something that is unheard of in this town.  Most shows only get a week showing.  But this one, well, it sold out for all three weeks.  So cool!  The problem is that, as a volunteer, I have to work 5-8 shows during the three-week run.  I guess it’s not so much of a problem, it’s really fun, it’s just a lot in three weeks.

Anywho, I was VERY impressed with the traveling show.  Plus, in the theater house that was built in 1926, it has one of the BEST sounds of any show I’ve ever seen there.  I don’t know how they did it–but I am thrilled that they were able to coax sound out of every nook and cranny of the house and maximize it for their use.

The thing that cracked me up is that it is the most regimented, strict, and particular show I have ever worked in terms of late seating.  The minute the house lights go down, there is NO movement in the house.  Everyone has to stand outside for the first eight minutes, and if they don’t make it in then, they have to stand out for another eight.  VERY particular.

Today I worked two shows.  It is rare to have a weekday matinée–especially since in the city parking is at a premium.  There is a parking garage across the street, but it is filled with students from VCU who are currently in class.  So it was a DISASTER trying to get people in on time.  Then trying to get them out in time to let people in for the next show, well, let’s just say I think I walk a faster mile than these people were driving.

The second show, however, reinforced the fact that people today have no idea how to behave in public.  We told you that if you went to get a glass of wine there would be a chance you would have to stand outside and wait for late seating.  You didn’t listen and went anyway.  So now you have to stand with the other people and wait until the cue to go is given.  I can’t help it if you know where you seats are, nor do I care.  My instructions are to keep the door shut, and that is what I do.  Do not curse me out for it.  Likewise, it is not my fault that you showed up at 7:45 for a 7:30 show.  The show even started at 7:41 to accommodate those that were having problems getting there on time.  The radio and TV all told you “go early”.  The gentleman on the front row who was amazed that so many people had showed up already for an 8:00 show only to be told it was a 7:30 show was even there on time.  Also, it is not my fault that people one door down did not follow instructions and let people in early.  Trust me, I watched them get yelled at by the production company.  Just because they opened their door does not mean I will open mine early.  Please understand the situation I am in–I am following the directions of the people on stage.  If we do not follow directions, we will be unable to get shows like this again.  I understand that seats went between $60-$125 on the lower level, and I’m sorry that your bladder wouldn’t wait until intermission.

IT’S NOT MY FAULT IF YOU WERE MAD.  I was just doing my job, and I just ask that you remember that.

Off my soapbox now….


I started a(nother) new bible study this week. One that was supposed to start back in February but due to snow we never got together.  The topic is Discipleship, and we are using a book called Sacred Roads.  During our discussion tonight I started to wonder if I even really knew the definition of discipleship.  It’s a word that is thrown around all the time–one of the ‘churchy’ words that you are given to use as a Christian–but what does it really mean?  Wikipedia has no entry for it–it brings up Disciple.  Which, yes, is probably part of it, but I was looking for more of a dictionary type of explanation.

On the Wikipedia page, it doesn’t list a definition it just goes into seven sub-article divisions:

  • “Love one another”
  • “Be transformed”
  • The Great Commission
  • Discipleship for The Twelve Disciples
  • Family and wealth
  • Other Biblical uses
  • Discipleship Movement

I guess these can be a guideline to the meaning of discipleship, but it still doesn’t answer my question.

What do YOU think of when you hear the word discipleship?

A Paragon of Beauty

The joy of working from home is that no one knows that I am schlepping around the house in comfy clothes.  I am still nursing my leg from my graceful fall down the sanctuary steps last week, and despite my attempts to get to the gym and swim today I ended up sitting in front of a computer instead.  The result?  Yeah, I’m not presentable.  That’s the easy way of putting it.  But I’m dang comfy though!!!


My life group (small group, bible study, whatever you want to call it), as previously mentioned on this blog, has grown by leaps and bounds this past year.  So much so that we have had to branch off into two different groups to remain effective–a “small” group cannot have two dozen people, you know?  Tonight was the first night of that break.

It was odd being in a group that small, but it was nice.  We had six regulars, one new girl (who lives around the corner from me and I teach with her husband, so I gave her a ride–plus she’s our leader’s former roommate), and two that couldn’t come.  So even being “dispersed” we are still at a pretty good size.  (The word “split” or “divided” didn’t work for us, sounded too negative.  Don’t remember how they came to use “disperse” but it cracks me up.)

I’m looking forward to this new study.  The group was divided based on the book we voted on for the next session, and since I didn’t give a vote (I liked both books so I didn’t care) I was put into the ‘newer’ group.  It’s nice for me as it is all of about six seconds down the street from me, but it was still a small pang of longing to be with the other girls.  The book we are studying is regarding prayer.  Ironically enough, it is also the subject of the new sermon series at church.  I think it’s absolutely divine intervention that has me in this group as opposed to the other group which is focusing on another discipline.  Prayer is something I very strongly believe in.  Someday I might even write out the story of why I believe it actually works and that there is a God that listens to us when we pray.  But it is a discipline that I feel I need a lot of work in.

I pray.  I do, I pray.  I tend to pray in a conversational style rather than in a formalized structured method, and instead of setting aside a few moments at the start of each day or at the end of the day to pray I tend to have conversations with God in my head throughout my waking hours.  Some of the greatest conversations that I have with him take place while I’m swimming.  Since I am in the water for so long, the meditative movement is a perfect time for me to have a chat with God.

Yes, I tend to pray without speaking.  Yes, I have conversations in my head.  No, I do not think I need psychological consultation for such a thing (although for other matters, well, that’s probably another story).  I think that God hears my prayers and that he answers them, but I feel that there is room for improvement and for consistency in my prayer life.

So I am really looking forward to this study!