Hostess/Martha or Content/Mary?

Yesterday was a day-long (well, five hour) women’s retreat at the church that I grew up attending.  It’s a fine church, filled with many fine women.  With a friend, we comprised the entire 20-45 demographic, but it was still fun.  I have this thing every time I attend that church though–I call it attending church-lite.  I feel like there is no meat there sometimes.  For example: I knew I had to watch what I wore, the makeup I had on, and how I had my hair because my mother would be there–and those are the things that are important at these events.  Still, it was a nice time, and it was great to see old friends.

Back to the point: one of the breakout sessions yesterday was on how to be a hostess.  “Extending Hospitality: Welcoming Guests and Easy Entertaining”.  All about how to be a great hostess, to make sure that everyone’s needs are met and taken care of and that all are happy.  Even came with a recipe book emailed after class so you could have a bunch of hors d’eouvres  to choose from.

Today’s lesson at kids church: Continue reading

Listaholic at the movies

I love lists.  I live by lists.  Do this, buy that, go there, get this.  Clean that, see this, do that, call there.  It’s a process, you see.  A way to feel like you have accomplished something.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to CROSS something OFF one of the lists.

There are lists of chores, lists of people, lists of errands to run, lists of books to read, lists of lists, and (my favorite) lists of movies to see.  The Yahoo! Movies editorial staff has released the top 100 modern-era movies that are a must-see for all movie buffs, and all movies have been released 1990 and later.  For once! A list that doesn’t make me feel guilty for never having seen Casablanca or The Godfather!  (Yes, I know, I am lacking in my movie history.  I will watch them.  Someday.  I swear.)

Here, then, are those movies, with the ones I have seen earmarked. It’s not too bad–I’ve seen over half.  There are some I disagree with–like Boogie Nights or Anchorman, and of course there are some that I feel were unfairly left off.  What are your favorites? Continue reading


A man that I used to work with very generously requests that I house/dog sit frequently while he and his wife (and occasionally the step children) go away on holiday.  This year, the oldest boy is a senior in high school, so they decided to take the opportunity to go to Mexico for spring break.  I am on the last day of seven in their house, a beautiful home by the river, secluded and serene, and must admit that I am always thankful for these paid vacations as they are my refuge away while still being in town.

This particular stay, however, is a bit different.  I got here EARLY last Saturday, as the had to leave for their flight at 430am.  The golden retriever they don’t care so much about, but the ‘puppy’ (who is about 3 now?) they don’t like to leave in the crate for too long.  So I was here, we had fun, I was at church at the crack of dawn on Sunday for the sunrise service and then there were two more services before a brief break until the family dinner at 430.  (First one we’ve had since the 1980s I believe….)

Monday, however, the entire story changed.  The house interior is being painted.  The painter, a lovely man, has a house key so he could let himself in, but the last thing I wanted was to be asleep in bed when he got here so I had to get up early.  Then there was the drywall guy–they can’t do but so much work until he got here, but he didn’t show up until late afternoon.  Also the laundry girl comes on Mondays, but she had to leave and then come back because her son had a dentist appointment.

Tuesday, painters at 8am, along with the drywall guy.  And the regular housekeepers.  Only they couldn’t do but so much because the painters are all over the place, so they’re going to come back at another time.  Then there was the lawn service people–they were going to replace some of the deer fencing and shrubbery around the perimeter, but needed access to the basement so that they could get to supplies

Wednesday, painters and drywall at 8am.  (Actually, drywall dude has been showing up around 730am, painters around 815).  Then there was the HVAC person for the upstairs guest bedroom (turns out they needed a new filter and some freon, nothing major).  The lawn service people were back again to install new sprinkler systems–MWF for the grass, T/H for the shrubbery in case you were wondering. Plus the guy to build the scaffolding in the stairwell for the painters.

Thursday, painters and drywall early again, though drywall was gone fairly quickly.  Appliance people were here to fix the innards of the SubZero wine locker, had to pull the unit out and basically replace everything. Painter’s wife came by to take photos and lord love a duck she talks more than I do and would NOT shut up!

Friday, painters early, drywall coming eventually to remove scaffolding.  Had to take the dogs to the groomers at 8am as well.  Plus the housekeepers are coming back early to make sure that all can be accomplished, however upon their arrival they took one look at the painters and said ‘we’ll be back at 3 to try and finish up before the family comes home’.

You know, it’s a good thing that I have not found a day job.  This is house managing, not house sitting!  Still, it’s been a fun week away, though I have to admit my t-shirt and yoga pants make me feel under dressed–even for the hired help!

I’ve lost my blogging buddy! :(

When I jump started this blog back in January, it was with a friend who had just started a new blog herself but didn’t know what to do or if she would even write.  I offered her the same challenge that had been given to me–to write something every day for a specified period of time, and I would do it with her.

Unfortunately, my blogging friend (who is still in high school) has had a difficult time these last few months, and has not been able to use a computer for blogging for the last several weeks.  Without that accountability, I, too, have fallen short.

The sad thing is, the challenge was for 60 days.  I made it for 56.  Four days short.  I realize that once I started ushering for Wicked that there wasn’t much in my life that was, well, blogworthy, but that is still no excuse to stop blogging like that.  I feel that I not only let my friend down I also let myself  down by not living up to the 60 day challenge.  So I owe myself four more blog postings.  I don’t know if I’ll be back to daily yet, but I’ll make an effort to not be silent.

One down, four to go to fulfill my promise!