I’ve lost my blogging buddy! :(

When I jump started this blog back in January, it was with a friend who had just started a new blog herself but didn’t know what to do or if she would even write.  I offered her the same challenge that had been given to me–to write something every day for a specified period of time, and I would do it with her.

Unfortunately, my blogging friend (who is still in high school) has had a difficult time these last few months, and has not been able to use a computer for blogging for the last several weeks.  Without that accountability, I, too, have fallen short.

The sad thing is, the challenge was for 60 days.  I made it for 56.  Four days short.  I realize that once I started ushering for Wicked that there wasn’t much in my life that was, well, blogworthy, but that is still no excuse to stop blogging like that.  I feel that I not only let my friend down I also let myself  down by not living up to the 60 day challenge.  So I owe myself four more blog postings.  I don’t know if I’ll be back to daily yet, but I’ll make an effort to not be silent.

One down, four to go to fulfill my promise!