Listaholic at the movies

I love lists.  I live by lists.  Do this, buy that, go there, get this.  Clean that, see this, do that, call there.  It’s a process, you see.  A way to feel like you have accomplished something.  Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to CROSS something OFF one of the lists.

There are lists of chores, lists of people, lists of errands to run, lists of books to read, lists of lists, and (my favorite) lists of movies to see.  The Yahoo! Movies editorial staff has released the top 100 modern-era movies that are a must-see for all movie buffs, and all movies have been released 1990 and later.  For once! A list that doesn’t make me feel guilty for never having seen Casablanca or The Godfather!  (Yes, I know, I am lacking in my movie history.  I will watch them.  Someday.  I swear.)

Here, then, are those movies, with the ones I have seen earmarked. It’s not too bad–I’ve seen over half.  There are some I disagree with–like Boogie Nights or Anchorman, and of course there are some that I feel were unfairly left off.  What are your favorites? Continue reading