Requesting a do-over

From an email I sent to a friend earlier today:

So let me tell you about my morning . . . .

415am: alarm goes off. Say a few swear words. Hit snooze.

424am: alarm goes off again. Swear some more. Hit snooze.

433am: alarm goes off again. Hit the cat as I try and think of new swear words. Hit snooze.

442am: alarm goes off again. Resigned sigh, cat is skuttling out of the way so I don’t hit him again. Hit snooze.

444am: alarm clock number two goes off. The one that sounds like R2D2 on speed in a garbage disposal. Remember new swear words. Finally get up.

445am: morning bathroom routine. Can tell it’s going to be a fun day because I woke up cramping, i.e., will be a HEAVY day.

500am: make breakfast and eat while checking email

525am: leave for gym. pouring down rain combined with slushy stuff on road means my car is sluggish. blah.

531am: start on bike

549am: curse the bike, the alarm clock manufacturers, my gene pool for not making me a waifish 120 pounds who can eat an entire pizza and lose weight, and mop sweat from face

614am: get off bike, head to locker room Continue reading