Wow. Just, well, wow!

So tonight was the production of the WeKids choir at church.  The second year we’ve done it, and it was awesome.  1100 people showed up, and it was amazing to see what the children were capable of doing.  The drama, sign language, sticks, and dance was great, and the 104 children sang their hearts out.  Once again, we had the plastic poster to have the names of those we invited on it, and I was thrilled to see H and her boys come again, as well as C and her girls, and B and E and baby B.  Prior to the show I was (again) the official hair braider of the girls, and did about eight girls for the show.  Such a stinkin’ cute group, and I am so proud of them.

Then after the show I received the absolute shock of my life.  E and B came up to the stage while I was trying to help some of the kids find their parents.  E said that he was leaving on Tuesday and he and B needed to speak to me rather urgently for about five minutes.  In my head, I thought something might be wrong with the new baby (only one month minus one day to go!) and that I was going to have to be available for emergency doctor calls.

After a few minutes, we made it out to the welcome center, where E was waiting for me.  B comes out and says “So Germany, huh?”  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I didn’t know if she had gotten Germany out of the show or if she was thinking of something else.  Then again, this is B, so who knows.  And then I got what could possibly be considered one of the biggest surprises and blessings I have received in my adult life.

West End Assembly of God has a program called Faith Promise.  It’s a separate program than the offering, one that has monies directly funneled into missions.  E and B have been active with the program since they got married.  This year, they decided not to do Faith Promise, but to instead sponsor me to go on the missions trip of my choosing.  (WHAT???)  They even went so far as to meet with J, and get him to agree to cover my pay for the week that I am gone.

Yeah, I cried.

What else could I do?  I was, in a word, speechless.  Something new for me, I know.  But I was.  Well and truly speechless.  I am absolutely overwhelmed by their generosity and the faith they have in me.  I am bowled over by this opportunity given to me by God and by my best friends.  And I am thankful beyond words for the grace He has given me and the people He has put into my life.

Wow.  Just wow.

5 thoughts on “Wow. Just, well, wow!

  1. KELLY! I totes agree the kids tonight were amazing! Im glad I came and saw these kids they tought me something as always. and its also awesome that these letter people are sponsering you that is amazing. I wish that would happen to me! But im so happy for you!

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