Let the yarning begin!

So it is officially public news. My brother will have his first offspring in April of 2013. My SIL is thrilled that both my mother and I know how to play with yarn, so now I get to make lots of little fun things. Here’s the first blanket I finished–pardon the horrid photo, but I had to take a quick photo before boxing it up. Crochet with Baby’s First by Lion Brand in Honey Bee, I think that it took about 14 skeins of yarn to finish. Insane! But it’s all cotton, and it turned out almost 3.5′ square. I love the bobbles on it because it’s something for the baby to play with while on the floor as they start to reach for things, and I love the fact that it’s all cotton because with my SIL being the crazy cat lady she can throw it it the washer at any time to remove cat hair. Fun times! Next for me to make is the Noah’s Ark blanket, but that one is a surprise….

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