::right now::

My apologies to Amanda Soule, who I have completely ripped this idea off of.  I’ve read her entries for years, yet today this just felt like the thing to do.

Right now, I am…

:: drinking a giant Pomegranate Aloe juice

:: hearing
the dog gnaw on his bone after he was obnoxious while I ate my dinner

:: nursing
a bruised toe that I stubbed on the ottoman

:: reminding
myself that I need to clean up, yet not really listening to myself

:: thinking
that I have so much to do, but Jeopardy is coming on

:: doing
my best not to swear at a skein of yarn made from pompoms, as it has become one giant tangle

:: keeping
my commitment to let it not get to me.  Day three and counting!

:: loving
this cold weather, and the fact that the clouds are finally moving out

:: wanting
to be able to snap my fingers and have the house clean

:: plotting
details for girls night game night on Sunday

:: feeling
very full after dinner
:: enjoying  a quiet night at home

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