Crashing Another Link Party

So since I started doing the Wednesday Hodgepodge, I discovered Monday Listicles.  I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them.  Once I started clicking on the other links, I discovered there is a whole world out there of random link party topics.  So I’ve now dedicated to a Tuesday list as well, just two weeks and two days late.  I’m joining on week eight, but here are the Tuesday Topics!

The Austin Family Diary

There’s a part of me that likes that I know the next seven weeks ahead of time.  Just in case I get snowed in and need something to do.  You know, like avoiding housework.  Again.

But here’s this week’s list!  Eight TV shows.  Sadly, it was hard to get down to just eight.  So–fair warning–I might cheat a little bit.  But here are the ones that I am currently obsessed with in no particular order.  The only rule I had is that they had to still be showing or awaiting the next season. Continue reading