Last new Linkup, I promise! It’s Sunday Social!


Since by now you know the deal (I’ve only done a ton since January 1), here’s the latest (and last!):

Sunday Social

This Week’s Questions: All about 3′s

Top 3 Favorite Kinds of Food: hearty soups, Thai, Southern Comfort food (surprisingly hard to find things that are kinds of food and not individual dishes)

First 3 Things you do in the morning: Let the dog out, use the bathroom, turn on Good Morning America.

Last 3 Things you do at night: Let the dog out, use the bathroom, brush my teeth.

3 TV shows you NEVER miss: This week?  Scandal, The Big Bang Theory, and (heaven help me) The Real Housewives of Atlanta

3 Places you want to visit: Brazil, India, Russia

3 People you can always count on: Beth, Eric, Caroline.  And a few others that I could have put here.  I have been blessed with some of my friendships.