Best Game Night Ever!

I tried to write a pithy intro paragraph, but at this point, who needs to?  It’s Tuesday, so that means it’s Tuesday Topics.  Seven people you’d like to meet.  I first inferred from this it’s seven famous people you’d like to meet.  Otherwise, the list would be pretty short.  But I can think of a few people who are not on the paparazzo daily charting list, so they’re on here too.  (Disclaimer: All photos are screen caps from

The Austin Family Diary

    1. Wil Wheaton.  I’m obsessed with Tabletop and have discovered new games, plus he just seems like he’d be a hoot.  Plus he appears to have an awesome relationship with his equally cool appearing wife so she can come too.
      Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 2.56.33 PM
    2. If Wil comes, Nathan Fillion has to too.  After all, they ran on the same ticket.
      Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 2.57.06 PM
    3. Maureen O’Hara.  She just seems fascinating.  I loved her autobiography, Tis Herself.
      Tis Herself
    4. When my grandma moved into an assisted living facility over a year ago, she moved from a house she had lived in for thirty years to a 200 square foot room.  Downsizing is an understatement.  One of the quirks that always cracked me up was she would shop at yard sales and find great photo frames, and hang them on the wall.  Complete with original photos or photos of other people’s families.  So we would make up stories about them.  Imagine my surprise when it turns out some of them were actual relatives.  I was close with my great-grandma.  She died when she was 100 1/2 and I was 13.  I never knew her husband, he died when my grandma was 2.  The people in these photos are her and her husband, her mother, and her mother’s parents (My great-grandma’s great-grandma!).  Considering my granny was born in 1886, and the great great great’s were tintypes with surprisingly little damage, aren’t these photos cool?  They might not be the best at the party games, but they’d be great at the “in my day . . . ” stories!
      Granny and husband

      Granny and husband

      Granny's mom

      Granny’s mom

      Granny's Great Grandma

      Granny’s Great Grandma

      Granny's Great grandpa

      Granny’s Great grandpa

    5. Lauren Graham.  She is a Virginia girl, after all, and in interviews she appears to be someone that I’d have an absolute blast with.
      Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 10.46.36 AM
    6. Anjelah Johnson.  Aside from the fact that her husband is Manwell Reyes, who is in Group 1 Crew which is an AMAZING band, she is so hysterically funny.  You might know her from MadTV, you might know her as Bon Qui Qui or the girl who works in your nail salon.  Regardless, anyone who is that funny has to be a lot of fun to hang around.
    7. Joss Whedon.  Because who doesn’t.
      Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 2.57.50 PM

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