I can’t believe I used to carry nothing more than keys and an ID

Seriously.  I did.  For years.  And in the ID holder I usually had a credit card, license, $20 bill (because you know back then it would pay for either a tank of gas or a heck of a good time at the local watering hole instead of 2 gallons and a drink at happy hour like it does now), and maybe even a tube of lipstick.  Now?  I carry a mom bag, and I’M NOT EVEN A MOM.

Why, you ask, am I now concerned with the matronly state of my handbag?  Because its contents is the subject of today’s

Yep, heaven help us, and ladies commiserate, it’s time for the list.  And I tried not to include the stuff everyone has, like a wallet or a pen, but stuff that was a bit odd or unique.  Forgive all photos, as the lighting in my kitchen was very yellow tonight and I took the photos with my iPod.  Here we go!


  1. My purseket.  Yes, it always looks like this.  Greatest. Invention. Ever.  With the exception of my calendar, mini zippered pouch that holds sunscreen, etc., and the inner pocket that holds things to be revealed later on this list the entire contents of my purse are right here.  Makes switching handbags a cinch, all you do is lift it out.  You can get one at purseket.com.  You’re welcome. IMG_0140 Continue reading