The other people holiday

Welcome to this week’s edition of Sunday Social.  This week’s theme is, not surprisingly, related to Valentine’s Day.  Being single on Valentine’s Day, as I have been the majority of my life, is something that just makes the holiday a bit more despicable to bear.  Doesn’t help that those lovey dovey people like to stretch it out.  My friend V texted me on Wednesday morning saying happy VDay with a monster face (it was awesome).  But a whole day early?  It’s bad enough it’s one day, don’t stretch it out!  All this to say that here is your advance notice.  If this sounds a bit bitter, I apologize! 🙂

Sunday Social1. Best Valentines Day you’ve ever had:
It’s been a long time.  Somehow I always seem to break up with people in January, so I’m usually single.  I  seem to fondly recall a Valentine’s Day in college where I was still dating JT, so that was fun.  But in the 20 years since I don’t recall any that were particularly memorable.  Mostly because I was working in a nice restaurant for ten years, so Valentine’s Day was always about hard work, trying to get home by midnight, and hopefully making bank.

2. Worst Valentines Day you’ve ever had:
There was a girl in college that tried to hook me up with a friend of her boyfriend.  We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner. Only thing he said to me was “You like Blue Cheese Dressing?”.  Seriously.  All night.  Spoke to them, though.  Then he wanted to watch Cops when we got home.  And he wondered why I was not interested when he thought it went so well . . . .

3. What did you do for Valentines this year?
Work as usual.  Worked late, actually, until about 630.  Bought gas on the way home, and tried to find a place that sold Crabbie’s beer.  Got home around 730, and got my 2012 tax information together to send to my accountant (aka dad).  Real romantic, huh?

4. Best Valentines Idea if you’re single:
It’s a day like any other

5. Favorite Valentines Candy?
Chocolate covered strawberries.  Champagne!

6. Favorite Valentines Memory from your childhood:
We never made a big deal out of this one as a kid, either.  I should have seen it as a pattern–I used to babysit for others to go out and enjoy the day!