Fragrant florals

The lists are getting smaller and smaller!  This week it’s about the flowers.  As much as I love them, I have a problem with cut flowers for two reasons:  Allergies and expense.  I love cut flowers, but I prefer the ones that come in from a bush in the back yard to ones bought at the store.  Of course, if you chose to spend your money on flowers for moi, I shall not complain!

The Austin Family Diary

Two flowers:

  1. Look at my header on this webpage.  Hydrangeas cut from a friend’s garden.  Love ’em.  Love the fact that you can dump coffee grounds or some fertilizer around the base of it and change the color anywhere from white to pink to purple to blue.  A good bush in the backyard will yield flowers all summer.  So beautiful.
  2. Peonies.  Same thing.  Love them.  I used to work with someone who grew so many every summer she’d cut a ton and put them on everyone’s desk, and we had fresh flowers all summer.  It was beautiful.

Honorable mentions go to daffodils, tulips, day-lily, iris–all flowers without major scent issues for this allergy ridden girl!