This week’s Tuesday Topics were kind of fun!  It was a nice chance to go back and review several years of posts and feelings and see what I wrote and what has been a monumental thing in my past.  So here are my eight favorite posts!

The Austin Family Diary
  1. The story of how a fifth grader just blessed my heart
  2. This was a fun follow up to this post on ten memorable movie quotes.  I couldn’t stop thinking of great movie lines, so I had to do another post with more of my favorites!
  3. My personal reflection on the events of April 16, 2007
  4. I used to do these weird headline roundups often, and I miss them.  I should do one soon!
  5. From a late night joking session with a friend, we developed the House Rules
  6. My love of the Olympics is well documented on this website.  This is just one of many roundups from the games.
  7. Delayed grief and farewell my friend
  8. The best gift I ever received

It’s Spring? Really?

I feel like many of the recent Link parties that I have seen lately have focused on Spring.  Which is awesome, if Mother Nature could get over her menopausal madness and remember that it IS spring.  Or did Persephone decide to stay down under for too long and Demeter is showing her displeasure?  Things around here have just been plain loopy!  So as such, I don’t see how I can truly list 10 Things Spring as directed this week.  Instead, we’re doing another anti-listicle, and finding:

10 Things That Should Be Occurring Now That Spring Is Here:

  1. April showers that bring May flowers.  This might be put off by a few months judging by the snowstorm that is going on outside my window.  I can understand it a bit farther north/west of here, as spring storms are not so uncommon there.  But this is Virginia people.  This is the South.  Why is it snowing outside my window?  And twelve hours before the earliest weather forecast predicting snow at that.  It’s a pretty snow, I’ll give it that.  Big fat flakes falling fastidiously and forcefully forth.  (How’s that for alliteration?)
  2. Spring cleaning.  Or Winter cleaning for that matter.  Or weekly cleaning.  Yeah, my house is a mess.  I have my annual winter-turns-to-spring head cold, and just haven’t felt like doing much of anything.
  3. Shopping for a springy Easter dress.  I’m sorry, but can’t get motivated to have a cute sundress to wear with white shoes for the first time this year when it is 37 degrees outside and, oh yeah, SNOWING.
  4. Goodwill cleanout.  When you switch the closet from dark and drab winter colors to the fun spring and summer clothing, and throw away all the stuff you haven’t worn in the last seven years.  (Because everyone knows that if you’ve worn it in the last six years there is a chance you might wear it again.)
  5. The dog spending time outside in order to burn off his energy.  Unfortunately, Levi hates the cold and refuses to spend time outside when the temperature is this low.  I’m so used to having a dog with fur, that it’s a bit odd to me that his hairy behind doesn’t want to stay outside.  If he can find a patch of sun, that’s okay, but usually it’s out, squat, and back in again.
  6. Studying.  Yeah, that’s right I said studying.  Truth be told I should have been studying since January, but life and family have gotten in the way.  So I’m taking a hiatus from the CLU courses.  Unfortunately, I start the Series 7 investment exam class in eight days.  And have done no prep work.  I’m so screwed.
  7. Getting excited for my birthday and the arrival of my niece.  Okay, yeah, I’m doing that.  It’s a bit bittersweet, however, as my mother will not be able to get up to see the baby (two hours north) due to her illness and complications.
  8. Flying.  Kite flying, that is.  But between the rain (and the SNOW) it’s a bit too wet to get on the flying field and spend time outside in the mud.
  9. Hammock sitting.  Nothing beats sitting outside on a crisp spring day when the sun is shining and enjoying the weather before the bugs arrive to ruin the experience.  Even fun to do it with a blanket and a pillow to keep warm.  Not so much fun when you need three down comforters and a parka to stay outside for three minutes.
  10. Turning green!  It needs to be green with the flowers and buds on the trees and grass starting to fill in.  Prepping to plant tomato plants and dreading the first week of many when you need to cut the grass.

Someday.  Someday soon . . . .

Spring Forgot To Arrive On Time This Year

The calendar may say it’s spring, but Mother Nature hasn’t gotten the memo.  My sinuses, however, seem to have looked at the calendar and now are waiting for Mother Nature to arrive to finish the job.  I’m going on two weeks of this sinus garbage and I’m not enjoying this continual pounding in my head.  So much so that I’ve spent every waking moment not at work on the couch practicing my mouth-breathing.  Ugh.

On the other hand, the arrival of spring also brings the Lenten season and Holy Week.  I was at rehearsal today for the Palm Sunday service at church, and the music is Ah. Maze. Ing.  So excited to hear the performance Sunday morning.

Sunday Social

1. What is your favorite thing about Spring?
All the new growth.  Flowers trying to make their way in the world after the chill of winter.  The riot of color before it gives in to the green of summer.

2. Favorite kind of flowers to grow or receive?
Does basil count as a flower to grow?  I love it.  It’s also the only thing I haven’t killed other than a jade plant on the kitchen windowsill.  As much as I love the aforementioned riot of color I am horribly allergic to just about all of it.  So favorites to receive?  Probably tulips and daffodils, as they don’t aggravate as much.  Plus they are oh so pretty.

3. What is your favorite nail polish color?
The ones I like never look that great on my fingers.  I love bold pastel pinks and deep burgundy or wine tones.  I just painted them a soft opal shimmer, actually, but I know it won’t last any longer than my shower tomorrow morning.  I just cannot get polish to stick to my fingernails longer than a few hours.  I’ve tried every base coat out there, and no luck.  Any recommendations on how to get the polish to stick??? 

4. What is your favorite outdoor activity?
See the above statements regarding my allergies.  I can’t spend but so long out there without breaking into hives.  But when it’s good, the favorites include spending a great spring day out on the kite flying field, a balmy summer day hammock sitting with a good book, and fall afternoons at college football games.

5. Do you have any fun Spring plans?
Right now, to get healthy!  My birthday is coming soon, as is the new niece, so plans are all involved around that big event!

Mother Nature isn’t ready to give up her cold weather

As I write this on Tuesday, I am sitting on the couch with a box of tissues on my chest, trying desperately not to sneeze all over the keyboard.  I get sick twice a year, both times it is allergy/sinus related.  Once when we go from summer to fall, and once when we go from winter to spring.  While it was beautiful last week, raining all weekend, snow/slush yesterday, and 65 degrees here today, I am sitting on the couch with an incredible hammer banging on the right side of my head/ear/nose/eye.  Honestly, I didn’t have any allergy issues at all until I was in my mid twenties, and now I am the worst in the family.  Ugh.  And until spring is firmly here, I stand by my opinion that Mother Nature is going through menopause–occasional hot flashes followed by periods of extreme cold and frost.  And we all must suffer in her wake.

1. March 20th is the first day of spring…is she a lion or a lamb in your part of the world?
Right now it’s like a weeping, old, tired lion.  It’s 1045 in the morning, and looking outside my window all I see is gray skies, puddles, and no sun.  For the fourth day in a row.

2. What’s the most dreaded task on your spring clean to-do list?  Do you have a ‘plan of attack’?
Oh let’s just be honest and say the whole house.  I love the idea of a clean home, just hate the practice to get there.

3. Peas…love ’em or hate ’em?  What’s a favorite dish you make using peas?
As a child I hated them, though I loved the practice of shelling a fresh harvest while sitting on the front porch with my nana or my aunts.  As an adult I have a new found appreciation for them, and enjoy them.  Have split pea soup ready for dinner tonight, though I think next time I make it I will do so with country ham instead of smoked.  Needs more salt.

4.  Do you feel under appreciated?
Sometimes.  Sometimes over and undeservedly appreciated.  But I’m at that weird age, where I’m no longer one of the young adults, and am instead one of the older leaders.  I sometimes feel I am over looked, but then again, recognition isn’t why I am volunteering for these activities.

5. Have you been using Google Reader?  If so, what are you switching to now that GR has announced retirement?  If not, how do you read your favorite blogs?
I never did.  I still use Yahoo, and subscribe to all in an RSS feed.

6. Anne Bradstreet is credited with the following quote~
“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant;  if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
Agree or Disagree?  Why?
Spring is sometimes thought of as the reward for months of punishment.  Some people call it Karma, some people call it payoff, some call it justification.  I think that if you work hard and work honestly, you are given the fruits of your labor.  Why not enjoy the fruit salad.

7.  When did you last ‘spring for something’?  What was it?
Honestly, it’s been so long I can’t remember.

8.  Insert your own random thought here?
It’s been a rough couple weeks around here.  Not only am I ill with a run-of-the-mill cold, but mom is not doing well.  She fell at the baby shower a few weeks ago and broke her arm, a result of the deterioration of her disease.  Have we reached a new stage in her quality of life?  Are we at the end?  Mentally she’s not coping well, and I can’t blame her–she’s living a miserable existence, and her pride (which is about all she has left) prohibits her from doing more in public.  Will she even make it to see the newest grandchild in 28 days?  If you think about it, say a quick prayer.  I know the disease isn’t going away, and I know that she won’t be cured.  Just pray for mental peace.  For all of us.

Stubborn? Me?

Yeah, I don’t know where my family gets the idea that I’m stubborn.  It’s not like I am set in my ways or anything.  Actually, I had a hard time coming up with a list of nine for this week’s Tuesday Topics!

The Austin Family Diary
  1. The Three Stooges is directly related to the Y chromosome.  I just don’t get it, and have no desire to watch them ever again.
  2. Les Miserables needs to have a turntable in the stage show.  This new touring production, that doesn’t have one, just isn’t the same.  The turntable stands for so much more–the passage of time, the evolution of Valjean, the circle of life.  To take it away detracts from the show.  I’ll still go see it in two weeks though!
  3. Sexual orientation should not prevent you from being able to marry the spouse of your choice.  Nor should it prevent you from the pain of divorce in the case of a breakup.  It should not keep you from being able to have and/or adopt children, and it should not cause you to be disrespected in the eyes of the workplace, the community, the church, and the world.
  4. Kite flying is cheaper than a psychologist.
  5. My ability (or desire) to clean house is not directly related to my worth as a woman, no matter what my mother says to everyone else.
  6. My current salary is not directly related to my worth as a human, no matter what my father thinks.
  7. A dog is better than a cat.
  8. You have every right to criticize the elected officials in this country on one condition–you actually participated in their election process.  Once elected, regardless of if you voted for them or not, they deserve the respect that comes with the office they hold.  Criticize away, but you must still show respect.  It pains me greatly that if I were visiting this country and had no knowledge of its history I could get on Facebook, and then come to the conclusion that the country is full of a bunch of anti-government, disrespectful, hyper-critical people who cannot spell.  The privilege of voting and living here comes with the responsibility to represent our country in a favorable manner.  If you don’t like it that much, there are 195 other ones you can live in.
  9. The divinity of Jesus Christ, and the Savior He is in my life.

The Anti-Listicle

Sometimes the topics that are “assigned” for the Listicles (or any of the other link parties I participate in) are biased against those of us that aren’t parents, aren’t married, aren’t Stepford wives, etc.  This week’s Listicle is one of those topics–10 ways my partner’s awesome.  Well, I’m not married, not dating (though I think I might be ready to start again), not in a business relationship that can be termed a partnership, and so therefore I’m struggling with the topic.  So instead, I think I’m going to share how I’ve found:

10 Reasons Being Alone Is Awesome:

Disclaimer: many of these that seem snarky and bitter are laughingly related to the time when I *was* in the committed relationship.  You know–the one where I should have BEEN committed for thinking it would work out?

  1. Shaving your legs is something you only have to do when you go to see the gynecologist or wear a bathing suit.  So therefore only once or twice a year.
  2. Exclusive control of the remote, and endless movie marathons on Lifetime or Oxygen.  Or, when you’ve seen all of those a thousand times, you can watch Burlesque again without any guilt when you fawn over Cam Gigandet’s abs.
  3. The dog doesn’t know how to hog the blankets (though he does take up a lot of bed space now that he’s learned how to jump on the bed).
  4. More closet space.
  5. You can have Cherry Garcia for dinner and not feel like you’re failing to provide nutritional meals for the family.
  6. You don’t have to share the bathroom.  You can leave your magazine open to the page you were on, the toilet paper always rolls the “right” way, and you don’t have to worry about hiding the tampons.
  7. The dog makes a great screening panel for all your dates, and if the dog doesn’t approve then you know it won’t work.
  8. You don’t have to worry about turning on the computer and being bombed with ads from whatever XXX website they accessed when you were at work.
  9. You’re always up for girls night, be it dinner and game night, 80s movie night, or just hanging out to give your friends a chance to get away from their families for a few hours.
  10. You know that you’re not set in your ways, you just have had a lifetime of figuring out what you will settle for and what you demand as a necessity.

See you next week!

A Season for Everything

Some weeks you just need the time to decompress.  Don’t change out of pajamas, stay in the house all day.  This weekend was unexpectedly one of those weekends–my trip to Charlottesville got postponed, my mom isn’t in a place to have help, and my nana won’t be moving for another three weeks.  It’s been raining off and on all weekend, and I think spring is officially here as I have a faucet for a nostril, can’t close my mouth my lips are so chapped, and sinuses are so swollen my teeth hurt.  What a crappy way to spend the unexpectedly free weekend.  Still, it could be worse!

Once again, I’m playing heathen and skipping church.  I just didn’t think it would be attractive to be snorting, sneezing, and blowing my nose through the entire 90 minute service.  Much as I want to be there–I’ve been missing praise and worship lately–I think it’s just better to stay at home.  So why not take the chance to take care of my link parties for the week!Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. Favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
In the days where I had a front porch, sit on the front porch and watch the rain, read a book, relax.  Now?  Stay on the couch, watch the rain, watch movies, chill.

2. Favorite thing to do on a Summer weekend?
Worship the Air Conditioning and stay inside.  If it’s not too humid (rare around here) then sit in the hammock, read.  

3. Favorite Spring accessory?
My yoga shoes!!!

4. Favorite way to spend a Winter day?
Wish for snow, stay in and knit

5. What is your favorite season and why?
Fall!  Football weather, crisp air, not too hot, awesome!

6. Best birthday you ever had?
37 was pretty cool, as I got a nephew via my stepsister.  This year (40) should be pretty awesome, as my brother’s wife is giving me a niece!

The bambina will be here in 31 days!

I always said the Ides of April were much worse than the Ides of March–it is, after all, the day I was born!  But now, it’s also the day my nephew was born, and this year (as he turns three) it will also be the day my niece will be born!  Since I’ve already given them as gifts, I have these two (poor) photos of the most recent blankets that I finished for her.  So much fun!  20130302_193016

This was the first one I finished.  It looks a little more crooked than it really is, but I didn’t take the photo.  I’ve never done anything like this, with crocheted appliques.  It was fun!  So much so, I did another:Screen Shot 2013-03-15 at 3.59.47 PM

This photo was taken by a girl I work with who is obsessed with owls.  I still need to block it, but I’m thrilled with how it turned out.  So cute!


Never never have I ever

Did you ever play that game in college?  (With or without the alcohol.)  I was always horrible at it.  So sheltered and naive that I never did any of the stuff that the others did.  Then again, when it was my turn, I could have everyone else saying “nope, never done that!” when I would throw out things like “had a bumblebee fly up my nose and get stuck” or “spent the evening trying to dislodge the tunafish can from the dog’s tongue”.

For some reason, these are the stories I thought of when reading through this week’s Hodgepodge.  See what answers come to your mind!

1. Do you play games of luck/chance for money? Have you ever played bingo for money?  Visited a casino?  Placed a bet on a horse? Bought a lottery ticket?
I’ve been to Dover Downs once.  My uncle’s family owns a bus company, and they do regular runs up there for people to play the slots.  They had an employee trip so people would be familiar.  I had two rolls of quarters.  At one point I was up by about $80, but my book was locked on the bus and this was before the age of smart phones.  Now I know why people lose their money–there’s nothing else to do!  Every now and again we’ll buy into the office lottery pool, but not often.  But where it used to get really cutthroat was playing Spite & Malice with my grandparents.  Man, if you had to pay a whole dime on your hand it was brutal!

2. Will you be preparing and/or dining on the traditional corned beef and cabbage meal this St. Patrick’s Day?  Mashed-baked-hash browned-french fried…your favorite way to have potatoes?
Despite the fact that we are originally (some of us anyway) from the Isles we never really participated in this holiday.  My good friend’s husband, however, is another story–it’s his Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4 rolled into one.  He takes off several days to celebrate.

3. What’s the last thing you felt ‘green with envy’ over?
This is a rare emotion for me.  My friends saying they’d paid off their student loan, maybe?

4. What’s at the end of your rainbow?
Financial security?  Marriage?  a good night’s sleep?

5. March 12th marks the anniversary of the death of Anne Frank (June 12, 1929 -March, 1945).  Anne’s diary spent detailing her time spent hiding from the Nazis ranks as one of the best selling books of all time.  Besides your blog, do you keep any sort of diary or journal? Was this a habit you developed as a child or is journaling something new for you?
No diary or journal.  I think I did for about four days when I was ten.  That’s about it though.  I haven’t always been good about writing it down, and blogging for me was more of a venting station than a diary.  I always loved writing though, and enjoyed the journals required for English class as a kid (you know, the ones where you have to write about how you would survive on a raft like Huck Finn, etc.).  That’s why I’ve enjoyed the link parties I’ve participated in for the last few months.  It forces me to recall thoughts and events.

6. What’s an item in your home or closet that contains every color of the rainbow.
My laptop has Stikrz of the Muppets on it.  I thought it was bland having just the outline, so I colored them all in to look like the real thing. 

7. Write a limerick with you as the subject. You can do it!! Just remember this is a family friendly blog…don’t make me get out my wooden spoon.
I was supposed to be working away
At my desk where I toil all the long day
But instead I found
Internet Memes abound
And I got nothing accomplished today

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
Once again I have a ton of random thoughts going through my head.  Most importantly though, is that I turn 40 in just over four weeks.  And I thought my stepsister had given me a pretty cool gift three years ago when my nephew was born that day.  But my brother just gave me the best gift.  They got the phone call to schedule the C-Section, and it will be at 830 that morning.  So I will have a niece!  And that cute boy, bless his heart, asked me if I minded sharing a birthday.  Heck no!  It’s not like I’m 10 and annoyed that my baby sister has the same day, this is pretty cool!  I grew up with my Great-Grandma having her birthday on the 16th, one day after mine, and we always celebrated together when I could get to Charlottesville.  I always loved it, and thought it was special.  She was 100, I was 13 on the last one we shared together.  I hope this little muffin feels the same way and makes it to celebrate her 60th and my 100th on the same day too!


Time for a new Tuesday Topics listing!  (And random question–I like the font that was used in the pink/green graphic.  What is it??)

It was interesting finding the ten to use for this posting.  I go through certain boards all the time.  But it’s been a long time since I’ve been through all the pins on all the boards.  And I was reminded of something–for a deceptively tiny house that I currently live in, at least half of my pins are related to household organizing and structure for spaces I don’t own or decorating for spaces I don’t have.  There’s a few recipes on there, and then the rest are just photographs that I love and a ton of yarn crafts.  LOTS of yarn notes that I’ve kept posted.  Oh so many things to go back and make.  But still, this was fun.  So I tried to pull a wide variety–crafts I like, photos I like, spaces I like, and I hope you like them all too.

The Austin Family Diary
  1. “I can’t go to bed, I have work to do!”

  2. For the first day of spring, birds will take strings and weave them into their nests.

    Continue reading

Take a big whiff!

For some reason when I saw this week’s topic for the Monday Listicles, a scene from Bring It On kept running through my head.  Thus the title of this posting.
Update: I just realized that the screen capture for this video is a bit vulgar.  Sorry about that.  But the clip is still funny, so I’m not going to take it down.

Cracks me up.  Everytime.  Plus, I’m convinced that if I had a dollar for every time that Bring It On or one of its many sequels is on the air, I’d never have to work again.  It has taken over the top spot from Legally Blonde.  Still in second place is Harry Potter and any of the movies in that franchise.

Anywho, this week’s monday listicles reminds me so much of my childhood.  There are so many smells I associate with childhood, that in a single whiff I’m right back to the kitchen table either playing or eating.

10 Fantastic Smells

  1. Play Doh.  A fresh, new can of Play Doh.
  2. Real vanilla
  3. Fresh cut grass.  You know, before the sneezing begins from the horrific allergies
  4. That first whiff of fresh burning tobacco.  You know, before the coughing and hacking begins because it’s just so nasty.
  5. Tomato plants.  You know what I mean–that earthy, green smell
  6. Puppies
  7. Coconut shampoo
  8. Fresh spring rain
  9. Freshly baked angel food cake
  10. Burning leaves

The solo life

I am being a heathen this morning.  Well, a partial heathen.  I’ll go to church to teach at 1115, but I’m skipping the service at 930.  Just didn’t want to hustle this morning!  Instead I had myself a relaxing morning breakfast, now I’m watching Wayne’s World while biding my time to get ready.  Not exactly part of the Lenten season requirements, you know?  So while I’ll be social in a bit, here’s my cyber social event!

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is one movie you are terrified to watch?
There was some horror movie on one night when I was a kid and had a babysitter, and the guys head exploded on stage.  I don’ remember more than that, but that scarred me for years.

2. What is one TV show you have always wanted to get into but haven’t yet?
I watch enough TV as it is, but there are a few that are popular now that I’ve never watched.  Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Walking Dead, True Blood, Modern Family, Weeds, Revenge, Once Upon A Time, all these are on that list.

3. What is one daring activity on your bucket list?
Skydiving, bungee jumping

4. Would you ever travel alone?
Depends on where.  NYC, DC, someplace like that, sure.  Moscow, Beijing, maybe not.

5. What activities do you like to do alone?
Couch on a Saturday afternoon, hammock sitting, grocery shopping, driving

A Slushy, Snowy Hodgepodge

Greetings from the snowpocalypse center of the universe, Virginia.  Forecasts for today have gone from 8-12″, to rain only, to 5″, to slush, to 2″, to the fact that it is pouring rain at my house in the morning, yet three inches of snow less than five miles west of me.  School closings all around.  Good time to go to the hodgepodge!

1. When you’ve eaten in a restaurant do you complete their comment card? Do you take online surveys highlighted at the bottom of store receipts?
As someone who worked in restaurants for 15-20 years, it depends.  Comments card almost always, receipt survey rarely unless I get free food out of it.  Comment cards get back to the individual store, receipt surveys are data collected by corporate so it rarely goes back to the location.  And I fill them out for good and for bad, for I feel compliments are needed just as much as constructive criticism.

2. The (US) ban on women in combat was lifted at the end of January. It will probably be next year before specifics are worked out, but its been reported over 200,000 front line positions will eventually open up to women.  Your thoughts?
If you are a woman who wants to serve in the military, then you should also have the right to serve at the front lines. 

3.  In looking back at all the blog posts you’ve written, what’s your favorite post title?
As I scroll through 15 pages of titles, I realize I’m not that creative or consistent with titling.  You know how every episode of friends was “the one . . . .”?  I have friends that blog title that way.  Or ones that blog title from songs titles.  I’m not so creative.  I did, however, love this one:  Wow. Just, well, wow! because of the emotions that the memories of that night bring.  But for title alone?  I guess it would be How you know when a Southern gal has a juicy story to tell:

4. What’s worse-overly permissive parents or overly protective parents?  Did your own parents lean more to the permissive or the protective category?  If you’re a parent where do you fall?
I’m not a parent, yet I helped raised a few children.  Either in my own family or in someone else’s.  And I think there is an argument for balance.  My father was overly permissive in that he was only concerned with three things–I don’t get pregnant before I get married, I don’t get married before I graduate from college, and I’m home before he gets up for work the next morning.  With that much leniency, it’s so easy to get in trouble.  The contrast was life with my mother, where leaving your toothbrush on the counter instead of the holder was two weeks grounding.  You’re too afraid to breathe because it will upset the balance.

5.  Candlelight-moonlight-firelight-bright lights in the big city…which one’s your favorite?
Firelight.  Nothing beats it.  From bonfires to beach fires to fireplaces and fire pits.  Best thing ever.

6. Dr. Seuss’s birthday was celebrated on Saturday. What’s a favorite book you remember (Seuss or otherwise) from your own childhood?  Did books play an important role in your growing up years? Explain.
Books were everything when I was growing up.  My favorite children’s book I discovered as an adult–The Paper Bag Princess by Robert Munsch.  I escaped into books all the time.  I still do.  There was a series of books called Sweet Pickles that were about a bunch of animals, I loved them as a small child.  But what I remember most about my childhood is Anne Shirley, Nancy Drew, Trixie Belden.

7.  To quote Dr. Seuss…“From there to here, and here to there, funny things are everywhere.” from One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.Share something funny you’ve recently read, seen or heard.
I actually blogged about it recently.  Lou Holtz, who I think is a nitwit on good days, cracked me up with this comment:  “He wasn’t particularly fast, as a matter of fact if he got in a race with a pregnant mother he’d come in third, but he could throw the ball very very well.”

8.  Insert your own random thought here.
When I got to work today, I was met in the parking lot with someone who said “office is closed, go home”.  My born-in-South-Dakota boss had other ideas though, and I had to work all day.  There were FIVE of us in the office. Out of 120.  FIVE.  And I was one of them.  I want my snow day!!!

Guilty as charged

Seriously?  You had this as the “list one” topic?  You couldn’t have had this as the “list ten” thing?  Who comes up with only one?  Well, here’s one that is relevant to today anyway:

The Austin Family Diary

ONE of my guilty pleasures:

My newfound love of linky parties.  Sunday Social, Monday Listicles, Tuesday Topics, and Wednesday Hodgepodge.  I have wasted hours since the first of the year reading about people all over the world!  Yay for blogging, aka sanctioned voyeurism?

And Proud Of It!

I truly enjoy participating with the Monday Listicles, but I have to admit some of these topics are challenging me to think.  And when I’m sitting in front of the laptop at 1030 in the evening, thinking is usually what I am trying to avoid!!!


  1. My diploma.  Well, diplomas.  I worked hard for those suckers.  Had the chance to leave and join a national tour of Oliver! a few weeks before my undergrad graduation, and turned it down because I knew myself well enough to know I’d not go back.
  2. My job.  Not only do I have one, but it is in a field that I never ever thought I’d work in.  I not only enjoy it, I’m darn good at it.
  3. My work at church.  I love these kids so much, and they still make me smile and break my heart with their love at every turn.
  4. My friends.  I’m a difficult person, I recognize this.  And I am hard to love.  The fact that I have people that I can turn to when I need help, comfort, solace, and support is amazing to me.  The fact that I can put someone down as an emergency contact and know for sure that they will be there when needed is astounding.
  5. My baby brother.  Our childhood was quite difficult.  We raised each other in some ways, and he’s turned into a fine young gentleman.  One who, in about six weeks, will become a father in his own right.

    Wow, this is a bit harder than I expected!

  6. Trivial, but I finally cleaned the living room floor.  Trust me it needed it.
  7. For kicking the impulse habit when it comes to Amazon.  Whoo, that was hard.  I’d buy books like there was no tomorrow.  Now, I have my local library AND my brother’s much larger one on permanent tab status and use them liberally.  Sometimes too much so, as the three week lending period will expire and I have too many books to read still!
  8. For keeping up with the 100 books in 2013 challenge on Goodreads/Facebook.  I’m currently about 8 books ahead of schedule, which counterbalances the fact that I’ve read some horrible bubble-gum stuff and reread Harry Potter (as I do every year)
  9. For trying to make an effort with family.  It’s not always easy y’all.
  10. For completing a list of 10 things, without resorting to things like not eating all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups or Folding laundry.  Which come to think of it probably deserves its own list!