Take a big whiff!

For some reason when I saw this week’s topic for the Monday Listicles, a scene from Bring It On kept running through my head.  Thus the title of this posting.
Update: I just realized that the screen capture for this video is a bit vulgar.  Sorry about that.  But the clip is still funny, so I’m not going to take it down.

Cracks me up.  Everytime.  Plus, I’m convinced that if I had a dollar for every time that Bring It On or one of its many sequels is on the air, I’d never have to work again.  It has taken over the top spot from Legally Blonde.  Still in second place is Harry Potter and any of the movies in that franchise.

Anywho, this week’s monday listicles reminds me so much of my childhood.  There are so many smells I associate with childhood, that in a single whiff I’m right back to the kitchen table either playing or eating.

10 Fantastic Smells

  1. Play Doh.  A fresh, new can of Play Doh.
  2. Real vanilla
  3. Fresh cut grass.  You know, before the sneezing begins from the horrific allergies
  4. That first whiff of fresh burning tobacco.  You know, before the coughing and hacking begins because it’s just so nasty.
  5. Tomato plants.  You know what I mean–that earthy, green smell
  6. Puppies
  7. Coconut shampoo
  8. Fresh spring rain
  9. Freshly baked angel food cake
  10. Burning leaves