Time for a new Tuesday Topics listing!  (And random question–I like the font that was used in the pink/green graphic.  What is it??)

It was interesting finding the ten to use for this posting.  I go through certain boards all the time.  But it’s been a long time since I’ve been through all the pins on all the boards.  And I was reminded of something–for a deceptively tiny house that I currently live in, at least half of my pins are related to household organizing and structure for spaces I don’t own or decorating for spaces I don’t have.  There’s a few recipes on there, and then the rest are just photographs that I love and a ton of yarn crafts.  LOTS of yarn notes that I’ve kept posted.  Oh so many things to go back and make.  But still, this was fun.  So I tried to pull a wide variety–crafts I like, photos I like, spaces I like, and I hope you like them all too.

The Austin Family Diary
  1. “I can’t go to bed, I have work to do!”

  2. For the first day of spring, birds will take strings and weave them into their nests.

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