Mother Nature isn’t ready to give up her cold weather

As I write this on Tuesday, I am sitting on the couch with a box of tissues on my chest, trying desperately not to sneeze all over the keyboard.  I get sick twice a year, both times it is allergy/sinus related.  Once when we go from summer to fall, and once when we go from winter to spring.  While it was beautiful last week, raining all weekend, snow/slush yesterday, and 65 degrees here today, I am sitting on the couch with an incredible hammer banging on the right side of my head/ear/nose/eye.  Honestly, I didn’t have any allergy issues at all until I was in my mid twenties, and now I am the worst in the family.  Ugh.  And until spring is firmly here, I stand by my opinion that Mother Nature is going through menopause–occasional hot flashes followed by periods of extreme cold and frost.  And we all must suffer in her wake.

1. March 20th is the first day of spring…is she a lion or a lamb in your part of the world?
Right now it’s like a weeping, old, tired lion.  It’s 1045 in the morning, and looking outside my window all I see is gray skies, puddles, and no sun.  For the fourth day in a row.

2. What’s the most dreaded task on your spring clean to-do list?  Do you have a ‘plan of attack’?
Oh let’s just be honest and say the whole house.  I love the idea of a clean home, just hate the practice to get there.

3. Peas…love ’em or hate ’em?  What’s a favorite dish you make using peas?
As a child I hated them, though I loved the practice of shelling a fresh harvest while sitting on the front porch with my nana or my aunts.  As an adult I have a new found appreciation for them, and enjoy them.  Have split pea soup ready for dinner tonight, though I think next time I make it I will do so with country ham instead of smoked.  Needs more salt.

4.  Do you feel under appreciated?
Sometimes.  Sometimes over and undeservedly appreciated.  But I’m at that weird age, where I’m no longer one of the young adults, and am instead one of the older leaders.  I sometimes feel I am over looked, but then again, recognition isn’t why I am volunteering for these activities.

5. Have you been using Google Reader?  If so, what are you switching to now that GR has announced retirement?  If not, how do you read your favorite blogs?
I never did.  I still use Yahoo, and subscribe to all in an RSS feed.

6. Anne Bradstreet is credited with the following quote~
“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant;  if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”
Agree or Disagree?  Why?
Spring is sometimes thought of as the reward for months of punishment.  Some people call it Karma, some people call it payoff, some call it justification.  I think that if you work hard and work honestly, you are given the fruits of your labor.  Why not enjoy the fruit salad.

7.  When did you last ‘spring for something’?  What was it?
Honestly, it’s been so long I can’t remember.

8.  Insert your own random thought here?
It’s been a rough couple weeks around here.  Not only am I ill with a run-of-the-mill cold, but mom is not doing well.  She fell at the baby shower a few weeks ago and broke her arm, a result of the deterioration of her disease.  Have we reached a new stage in her quality of life?  Are we at the end?  Mentally she’s not coping well, and I can’t blame her–she’s living a miserable existence, and her pride (which is about all she has left) prohibits her from doing more in public.  Will she even make it to see the newest grandchild in 28 days?  If you think about it, say a quick prayer.  I know the disease isn’t going away, and I know that she won’t be cured.  Just pray for mental peace.  For all of us.