It’s Spring? Really?

I feel like many of the recent Link parties that I have seen lately have focused on Spring.  Which is awesome, if Mother Nature could get over her menopausal madness and remember that it IS spring.  Or did Persephone decide to stay down under for too long and Demeter is showing her displeasure?  Things around here have just been plain loopy!  So as such, I don’t see how I can truly list 10 Things Spring as directed this week.  Instead, we’re doing another anti-listicle, and finding:

10 Things That Should Be Occurring Now That Spring Is Here:

  1. April showers that bring May flowers.  This might be put off by a few months judging by the snowstorm that is going on outside my window.  I can understand it a bit farther north/west of here, as spring storms are not so uncommon there.  But this is Virginia people.  This is the South.  Why is it snowing outside my window?  And twelve hours before the earliest weather forecast predicting snow at that.  It’s a pretty snow, I’ll give it that.  Big fat flakes falling fastidiously and forcefully forth.  (How’s that for alliteration?)
  2. Spring cleaning.  Or Winter cleaning for that matter.  Or weekly cleaning.  Yeah, my house is a mess.  I have my annual winter-turns-to-spring head cold, and just haven’t felt like doing much of anything.
  3. Shopping for a springy Easter dress.  I’m sorry, but can’t get motivated to have a cute sundress to wear with white shoes for the first time this year when it is 37 degrees outside and, oh yeah, SNOWING.
  4. Goodwill cleanout.  When you switch the closet from dark and drab winter colors to the fun spring and summer clothing, and throw away all the stuff you haven’t worn in the last seven years.  (Because everyone knows that if you’ve worn it in the last six years there is a chance you might wear it again.)
  5. The dog spending time outside in order to burn off his energy.  Unfortunately, Levi hates the cold and refuses to spend time outside when the temperature is this low.  I’m so used to having a dog with fur, that it’s a bit odd to me that his hairy behind doesn’t want to stay outside.  If he can find a patch of sun, that’s okay, but usually it’s out, squat, and back in again.
  6. Studying.  Yeah, that’s right I said studying.  Truth be told I should have been studying since January, but life and family have gotten in the way.  So I’m taking a hiatus from the CLU courses.  Unfortunately, I start the Series 7 investment exam class in eight days.  And have done no prep work.  I’m so screwed.
  7. Getting excited for my birthday and the arrival of my niece.  Okay, yeah, I’m doing that.  It’s a bit bittersweet, however, as my mother will not be able to get up to see the baby (two hours north) due to her illness and complications.
  8. Flying.  Kite flying, that is.  But between the rain (and the SNOW) it’s a bit too wet to get on the flying field and spend time outside in the mud.
  9. Hammock sitting.  Nothing beats sitting outside on a crisp spring day when the sun is shining and enjoying the weather before the bugs arrive to ruin the experience.  Even fun to do it with a blanket and a pillow to keep warm.  Not so much fun when you need three down comforters and a parka to stay outside for three minutes.
  10. Turning green!  It needs to be green with the flowers and buds on the trees and grass starting to fill in.  Prepping to plant tomato plants and dreading the first week of many when you need to cut the grass.

Someday.  Someday soon . . . .