The Daily Clicks

I’m baaaaaack!  I know, cheesy opening line, but one I used anyway.  I’ve actually missed my linky parties the last few weeks, but what can I say?  Life’s been busy!  I just wish it had been busy in a different manner.  I have had intensive classes for my investment license certification , a family member that has been suddenly ill so I have to trek across the river at least twice a week to help out (not complaining, just stating fact), my house feels like it’s falling down around my ears, and I am exhausted.  Oh, and I took five days out of town to celebrate my 40th birthday and meet my birthday-sharing new niece!!!  So I have just spent very little time on the computer lately.  But I have missed my link parties, so it’s time to crack down and get back to it!

Since it’s Tuesday, it’s time for Tuesday Topics!

The Austin Family Diary

To be honest, I had actually written a combined post for weeks seven/six, but I lost it when the computer did a freakout.  I might try to retype them someday, and I think five is pretty cute.  But now, it’s week four.  So here are the top sites I check daily.  *Disclaimer:  Work related websites, Email, and Facebook don’t count!

My Yahoo.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I said that email doesn’t count.  It’s not email.  But I use as my RSS feed or all my favorite blogs, so it keeps me up to date.  I tried Bloglovin’ when the Google reader went down and they were suggesting new sites to try?  But honestly, I like the one I have.  So I closed the Bloglovin’ membership.

Young House Love.  I have never met Sherry and John, nor do I ever expect to.  I know they are now big and famous :), but to me they’re still the sweet couple I stumbled across six or so years ago when they were referred by a friend as “the ones that bought the house next door to where ‘so-and-so’ lived when we were in high school”.  Do I  know them?  No.  Do I consider them a neighbor?  Yes.  It cracks me up when they talk about their journeys or visits to seven area craft stores or to go apple picking, because I live on those roads too.  Gotta love the Richmond peeps!

Granted, it’s only Monday-Friday.  But I’ve enjoyed her blog for gosh, almost ten years?  As a pop culture junkie, Whitney Matheson satisfies my need for quirky little tidbits about anything and everything.  Whitney has moved Chicago to DC to NYC since I’ve been reading her, and yes–she’s a Virginia native.  From about an hour north of where I grew up.  Always cracks me up when her southern roots show through, like when she mentions Smithfield ham or fried green tomatoes.  Hilarious.

I actually had to think a bit about what my fourth entry would be.  There are a lot of sites I visit often, but not daily.  And then when I went to go surf for others that I have hit recently it occurred to me that yes, I probably visit this site daily.  I love trivial bits of nothing.  Last night I ran across the TCM airing of The Wizard of Oz, remembered that a friend is related to one of the stars but couldn’t remember if he was the tin man or the cowardly lion, pulled up the computer, and looked at IMDB.  (Jack Haley was the lion, FYI.)  I love love love the trivia function on each entry, and look at it often.  And I am always saying “who on earth is that actor?  I know I’ve seen them before!”.  Back to IMDB I go.  (And on occasion, I venture over to the Broadway version–

So those are my four non-email, non-facebook entries.  Others that get an honorable mention:

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