Anyone else a fan of Sky High?  I took my godsons to see this movie in the theaters and have loved it ever since.  Plus, bonus: Bruce Campbell!  His turn as Coach Boomer aka Sonic Boom gave this week’s title.  Yes, I’m a middle aged woman and I love tween movies.  It’s a sickness.

My favorite roles in movies or TV shows have always been the ones that were the character parts, or the quirky people.  There are a few exceptions, but were I ever to get a ton of talent, a size four body, and a big case of narcissism these are the parts that I would want to play.  I feel like the quirky person is usually the supporting role, but sometimes the interesting one is also the lead.  Oh, and they’re all women.  If I had to pick overall leads, men and women, I’d be here all day!

10 Favorite Female Characters in Movies or TV

  1. Agnes Gooch from Auntie Mame.  Not the Lucille Ball version, Mame, but the Rosalind Russell version.  She’s just so incredibly dorky.  Love her.
  2. Madame Thénardier from Les Misérables.  Admittedly, I’d prefer the one from the stage version that I adored over Helena Bonham Carter, but she was pretty spectacular in the part as well.
  3. Sister Hubert in Nunsense.  Or Sister Amnesia.  Hubert is slightly bitter about being second in charge, but dang she can sing.  Would also need an ethnicity change to make it work, though.  Amnesia because she’s so ditzy.  Fun!
  4. Cher from Clueless.  One of the few leads on my list, it’s still such a fantastic role, and I am such an 80s child that it will forever live as a fantastic representation of the fun part of that decade.  Realistic? Not at all.  But fun.
  5. Zoe from Firefly.  This is where my inner geek comes out and I start to get all dorky on the list.  She always had the straight sidekick voice of reason, but these awesome one liners.  Plus, Nathan Fillion for the yum factor and Alan Tudyk for the laughs.  And the world of Joss Whedon for the sheer joy of it.
  6. Amy Farrah Fowler from The Big Bang Theory.  This scene alone is enough reason, but overall she’s so fantastic.
  7. Tracy Turnblad in Hairspray.  But it MUST be the Broadway version.  I knew they had done this on Broadway but didn’t really care much about it until I tuned in halfway through the Tony Awards that year.  And I heard the list of nominees for best featured actor in a musical, and they called out the name Corey Reynolds.  Corey Reynolds?  I couldn’t have heard that correctly.  (Many might recognize him as Sargent David Gabriel on The Closer.)  He was nominated for his role as Seaweed Stubbs, but he lost out to the guy that played Mr. Turnblad.  I know him better as the guy that goofed off in class while we were in high school, and switched schools so he could be at one with a better show choir.  During/after college we also worked together at a local theme park, where I did costume work and he sang on the popshow (yes, I have photos of him in sequins) while taking a turn as a security guard at night to make extra cash.  Only he hated it, so we’d play poker in my costume shop with other slackers every night.  So yep, QUITE surprised that he was Tony nominated (not doubting his talent, just a long way from where we started!)  Then I became obsessed with the soundtrack because I wanted to hear Corey.  And I fell in love with the character that knew she was good enough to do it no matter what other people said.  (And yes, that’s Matthew Morrison, aka Mr. Schue from Glee, as Link.)
  8. The Narrator in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Always loved this part.  Of course, now that the Narrator in Pippin has been recast as a female (after all, what male could ever hope to duplicate the success of Ben Vereen?) I could list that instead, but I’m sticking to ones that I’ve seen not ones that I wish for….
  9. Fanny Brice from Funny Girl.  Because you’re looking at an absolute star, who knows it, but she’s a comedic star.  Who isn’t afraid to put a pillow under her dress, dance in Swan Lake, and sing torch songs.  Best. Role. Ever.
  10. Katherine Hepburn from Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?.  Have you ever seen this?  It’s just the ultimate pinnacle of how someone acts.  And the scene where Spencer Tracy is giving his big speech, and she’s watching him with tears in her eyes, it’s not one actress playing a role, it’s a woman in love, watching the man she loves, giving what she knows will probably be the last performance of his long and storied career, speaking about how true love is never ending, and absolutely nailing it.  And that raw and naked emotion in her face is what makes it such a fantastic moment.  What makes it bittersweet is the knowledge that he died 17 days after filming ended.

Honorable mentions: Cyn (Joan Cusack’s character) from Working Girl.  Because the best friend is fun to play, and I really had hair/makeup close to that.  Sunny Davis from Protocol.  Because it’s the only time you can pull off an emu costume.  Nadine Hale from Easter Parade, because it’s the only time you can pull off that kind of attitude.  Oda Mae Brown from Ghost, because you get to act nuts and look like you’re talking to yourself while helping others.  Willow Rosenberg from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the TV series).  Buffy Sommers from Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie).

I didn’t realize that so many of these were musical stage roles, but I guess that makes sense as my heart is always in the music!

12 thoughts on “Siiiiiide-kiiiiiiick

  1. You are my new BFF. Six musicals? I love it. How did I miss Fanny Brice? And it’s taken me 30 minutes to read your post because I am watching all the videos. And very cool that you know a Broadway star personally!

  2. You had me at Sky High. I LOVE Warren Peace (I don’t know if that is how you spell it but love him all the same). My son loved that movie so I was able to watch it without guilt. Bonding time and some eye candy. Win/Win. Love Cher from Clueless. Love your take on this topic! 🙂

  3. Madame Thénardier (and her husband) surely leveled the emotions in Les Mis…. and my gosh, Cher in Clueless, brings back memories from yesteryears. Great list!

  4. Awesome take to do musical theater, which I love! Tracy Turnblad was awesome, as was Fanny Bryce. I just recently watched Funny Girl for the first time with my 10-year-old actor son–loved it!

  5. Oh wow – Sunny Davis in Protocol…taking me back to memories of watching late-night HBO movies. Nice list of ladies! I think Alicia Silverstone did a great job playing Cher.

    Happy belated Listicles Monday!

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