Listy McListerson

Welcome to the next round of Tuesday Topics!  Here is the new lineup:

Life. Love.Lauren

Which means that this week I’m listing ten things that make me happy.  Simple things, really, but here we go!

  1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Minis.  Must be minis, must be refrigerated, and must be eaten in groups of four.
  2. Hammock sitting.
  3. Reading a great book while hammock sitting.
  4. Kite flying.
  5. Actually being able to grow tomatoes and not have the squirrels eat them all.
  6. Levi ThePuppyDog.
  7. Being gainfully employed.
  8. Fresh bedsheets.
  9. A great sermon at church.
  10. The fact that B’s youngest, J, is old enough now to not just recognize me as someone he knows but as someone he can get excited to see.  And he comes running whenever I’m walking into a room.  His older brother is sometimes too old to get excited about Aunt Kelly, so I cherish these days!