Photo Op

I don’t usually post photos of myself on this site.  For that matter, I don’t usually post photos of other people on this site.  Mostly because this blog has never been about other people, and rarely even about me at the beginning.  I don’t do this for sponsorship, I don’t do this for fame or fortune.  I do this for me, and so I have something to look back in the years to come and reminisce.  So finding nine photos might be a bit hard, just bear with me and we’ll see how many I get!

Life. Love.Lauren

Seeing as how we’re on week nine, and I don’t have a spouse, that is going to be pretty hard.  So I’m going to try to find one with each of some of my closest friends.  I rarely post names on here, but I will use first names this once.  Let’s see what we can find via Flickr or snapfish….


1. Tara, me, and Joclynn after kids camp a few years ago, someone thought it would be a brilliant idea to get on one of the child sized bunk beds and take a photo.  That same someone is also six feet tall and just hopped up, then laughed at Tara and I as we tried to climb on.


2. I’m really trying to work on building a relationship with my new sister in law, Carrie.  Only I guess she’s not so new, they got married in 2011.  But it’s a slow process.  I’m to the right of the bride.


3. I still define myself as a scrapper, though I don’t do it much anymore.  This is Gay, me, and Kyla.  Need to have Susanna and Ceci in this photo to be complete.

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4. Needed to have two of this one.  Me and baby bro.  The bottom one is from 2004 when he was on leave from the army.  Always loved this photo.


5. Me and Chrissy, at a Giants/Redskins game.  We let her sit with us anyway.  Love how this one turned out, actually.


6. Christy, me, and Rob at the drive in for my birthday a few years ago.  I have known Rob for almost 20 years now (ack!) and love he and his wife so much.  Such awesome people.


7. I couldn’t find a photo of Beth and I alone that was less than 5 years old, so this will have to suffice.  Me, Helene, Beth, and June at a superbowl party.  Helene and I were friends for about twelve years (still are) but she recently remarried and I don’t see her very much.  June I met that night, and I adore her.  Still see her every now and again.


8. Me and Ashley at Liz’s wedding.  Just a few weeks later, she’d meet Dave at church . . . who is now her husband.


9. I couldn’t find another friend that was in a decent photo, but I love this one of my eldest niece and me.  So typical!  Taken at a diner when we got to play hooky one afternoon.

Edited to add: I was going to add this when I wrote the post, but I forgot.  So baby bro is a huge KISS fan.  Once he saw that photo, he was really really really bored at work.  So he opened Paint (remember that program???) and did this:

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