Superficial Listicle

This week’s Listicle is on the first things you notice about a person.  As superficial and selfish as it sounds, the first things you notice about someone are going to be the physical and not the important things.  And as someone who spent a decade and a half working in the men’s clothing industry and doing costume work, I’m probably guiltier of most. **Disclaimer:  Costumers are noticeably the frumpiest looking people backstage.  That’s ’cause we’re spending so much time making everyone else presentable we don’t care about ourselves!  So in no particular order, here are:


  1. Height
  2. (Men) Pattern choice in tie/shirt combo (Women) Makeup choice, particularly around the eyes
  3. Accent
  4. Teeth and evidence of orthodontia (aka nice smile)
  5. Shoe choice (Men and women both, but for different reasons)
  6. Wedding band present (Mama trained me to look before I could walk, it’s a hard habit to break)
  7. Manners/chivalry.  (Say thank you, say please, say ma’am/sir, hold the door, etc.)
  8. Level of sincerity–something that you can detect early
  9. How they treat their elders
  10. How they treat small children