Aw, Man! I wanted easy!

You know I truly enjoy these link parties.  Especially ones like last week, when we pick nine photos to share.  That’s fun.  I share a little bit of myself that I normally wouldn’t, the anonymous interwebs enjoy, and all is good.  I usually write up the posts the night before, as an attempt to relax after work.  Like tonight.  Worked from 8 to 7, no break.  Spent 90 minutes on the phone with Anthem–in California–trying to figure out how to fix my problem with Anthem in Virginia.  Changed clothes, sighed when I realized I’ll be 915 eating dinner, and tried to relax by doing the Tuesday Topics for this week.

Well Lauren, thanks for nothing.  Easy, my tired patootie.  Eight goals for the month?  That’s HARD to come up with after a long day at work.  Here goes:

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