Feeling a bit Peevish

Sorry for the late posting, but I am currently without phone, cable, or internet at home.  Stupid super storm that wasn’t still managed to bring down a tree limb on my service line.  Grrrr.

Sunday Social
1. What is your biggest driving pet peeve?
When I graciously let someone into the lane in front of me and they don’t say thank you via a hand wave.  And I’m not talking about the single figured wave either, I mean acknowledging that I let them cut in the lane.

2. Biggest Blogging pet peeve?
That I still can’t make WordPress work properly on my mobile device.

3. Biggest general pet peeve?
Men who come out of the bathroom and are still buttoning their fly.  I know what you just did in there.  I know what you just touched.  And you didn’t wash your hands?  Ew.  Gross.

4. What is your most irrational fear?
That something will happen to me and I’ll be at home and no one will notice me missing.  That I’ve fallen or gotten sick or died and am all alone.

5. 3 celebrities you’d want to have dinner with?
I don’t know that the three of them would work TOGETHER, per se, but I still think it would be fun with them all–Tori Spelling, Lauren Graham, and Wil Wheaton

On the Sidelines of History

Three days ago, on Thursday, a violent storm through my town knocked loose a branch from a tree in my back yard.  This limb fell on a wire that leads to my house, pulling it loose from the house.  The strain of that wire hanging in the air snapped one of the wires in the bundle.  That wire was my cable source.

I was gone all day Friday with my mother for her surgical procedure then babysitting my ‘nephews’ while their mother was at her schools’ graduations.  Saturday was my Father’s Day celebration out of town, so today, Sunday, is really the first chance I’ve been at home with nothing on TV to watch for the afternoon.

I realize this should be a blessing, and an opportunity to clean my house.  But after the week that I have had (working 40 hours in three days, volunteering for a golf tournament, and then the aforementioned Friday and Saturday activities), about all I was able to manage after church and a few hours at the playground with the same nephews was to veg out on the couch.  So I’m going through old items on the Tivo.

There are movies that I had recorded, some almost two years ago, and am now able to watch because the ‘new’ stuff is not recording.  One of the shows that I have been meaning to watch and never had the time was The Freedom Riders: An American Experience.

I was a triple major in college.  One of my majors was American History.  I even focused on the history of the South.  I was aware of Jim Crow laws.  I remember my elder family members speaking of them, though not often.  I remember my mother talking about desegregation of her schools, and how that was a huge upheaval here in Virginia.  I had heard of the Freedom Riders.

It’s oh so humbling to say, but here is the basic truth: I am ashamed.  I am ashamed that I would answer, when asked, that yes I knew about the Freedom Riders.  I knew that blacks and whites rode the bus together.

I am ashamed because I knew nothing. Continue reading