Repeat entry, different link party!

For this week’s Tuesday Topics, we’re supposed to list six favorite products.  Only I just listed my ten favorite beauty products for my Monday link party.  So instead of retyping, I’m just going to refer you to this post.  Pick six of the ten and count them as my favorite! 🙂

Life. Love.Lauren

There are a few non-beauty things that I am obsessed over, however.  Here are a few (though not six, sorry!):

  1. Mio Peach Tea.  I cannot stand the taste (non-taste?) of plain water.  I used a soda stream for a few years, then discovered this.  Unfortunately, it’s becoming more and more difficult to find.  Is it being discontinued???
  2. Yoga Sandals.  I wear these all.the.time.  They are so comfortable as your foot doesn’t slide around.  You just have to get used to the things between each toe, which takes no time.  Great for pedicures too!!  Have them in black and three other colors as well.  Biggest problem I have with them is to keep the dog from chewing on them–even while they’re on my feet!!!
  3. Going for the heathens here–has anyone ever heard of Crabbie’s?  It’s my new favorite once a month alcoholic treat.  It’s a true ginger beer.  Served over ice (or not, in my case) with a lime.  Delish!