Things that make you go hmmmmmm…..

You know, honestly?  I don’t know that I’d remember to blog regularly if it weren’t for my linkups.  There are things I want to remember, and things I want to say, but I’m usually too tired to think out how to word it.  I need to do better with that, and try to have non-linkup postings, but for now, it works!

1. Share one way you think the world has changed for the better since you were a kid?
2. How ’bout one way it’s changed for the worse?
I’m going to answer these two together.  But before I do, here is a disclaimer ****I am in no way trying to start a political or theoretical discussion/argument with this answer.  I’m simply stating facts, and am not even giving my own personal standing on this topic at this time.  Any soapbox comments are subject to deletion**** Continue reading

New list of Tuesday Topics!

This is my third round with the hosts of Tuesday Topics, and I have to say it’s been a blast.  Here we go, starting anew at week ten!


  1. Sleep.  I know that sounds silly, but lately, it’s something sorely lacking in my life.  And it can never be taken for granted, nor can it ever be too much! Continue reading

All my days are running together

So time for a full confession.  This is the second week in a row that I have put my post together and spent all day trying to figure out why Lauren over at hadn’t put up the link post.  It’s usually around 5pm when I figured it out.

It was Sunday.  This is a post done every Tuesday.

The sharpest knife in the drawer, I am not lately.

Anywho, this is the last week of this week’s round of topics!

Stop spending my money!

Ten points if you can name where that quote came from.  I don’t know why I remember it, but I do.

Okay, full confession time.  I haven’t participated in the Monday Listicles for awhile because honestly, they didn’t appeal to me.  Example:  10 Things That Make My Family Awesome.  Um, it’s just me and the dog.  Short list.  10 Things About Summer.  My answer would have been something along the lines of 1.  I dislike it immensely.  2.  It’s not October.  That’s about it.  10 Things and I were not getting along, so I took a break.  But I’m looking forward to this week’s topic–and was instantly reminded of this clip (and a later scene from this same episode is also where the post title comes from!)

10 Things I Buy Every Week

  1. Milk.  Skim Milk.  At least once a week, sometimes twice. Continue reading

Hodgepodge Study Break!

Hodgepodge Questions-Volume 133

I remembered to pull these up on Tuesday night! I am so proud of myself!  Next week is VBS though, so unless it’s slow at work (wink wink) I’m going to miss all my blogging linkups.

1. Picture postcards were first printed back in the mid-1800’s and deltiology is the official name for postcard collecting. When did you last send a postcard?  Receive one? Do you save postcards sent to you? Do you collect and/or send postcards when you travel? Continue reading

Oh, the places you’ll go!

I would love to travel more.  I would love to spend my entire life visiting new places, learning new things, having new experiences, and coming home again.  Because coming home again is just as important as leaving, I think.  It’s what makes it so much fun–by the time you’ve had enough, you get to return to the familiar and the comfortable.

Life. Love.Lauren

I’ve been blessed to have a few fantastic travel opportunities.  Continue reading

Stuck on repeat

Music is one of those things that has always been in my life.  I grew up with an uncle I adored who had awesome taste in music.  And I grew up in the 80s.  Need I say more?  Between his influence with the rock bands of the 70s, the cheesy pop of the 80s (yes, I had Duran Duran posters on my walls!), and the nostalgic resurgence of the 60s (they were next to my Beatles posters), it was an awesome time to grow up.

Then I went to college.

Yep, in college my music education kind of changed.  I lived on the same floor as the computer lab, which meant that no other radio signals would get through.  I had to survive off of the tapes that I already had and the headphones that kept the music from annoying my very sensitive roommate.  I got stuck in a musical time warp, so to speak.  Then there were the rest of the college years.  By the time I moved out of that hallway to the other side of campus, I was touring weekly with a show choir.  We love showtunes, don’t we?  So it became all I listened to.  For years.  Am listening to now, actually.  I found once I left school and had time to listen to public radio that, well, music sucked.  It was either insulting or degrading or simplistic lyrics, or I couldn’t understand the lyrics at all.  About ten years ago I started listening to Christian music again, because I can at least sing along.  So that’s the bulk of my iPod now–music from my teen years, contemporary Christian, and Showtunes.  There are some odd hits that make their way in, but all in all, an eclectic mix, no?

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions:

1. What is your all-time favorite song? Continue reading

Where have I heard that before?

Every now and again you hear a phrase that sticks with you.  Sometimes it’s from a movie.  Sometimes it’s from a song.  Sometimes it’s from that friend you’re with at an all-you-can-eat diner at 3am waiting for her to sober up enough to get home.  But whenever that phrase hits you, you remember it.  It might not make any sense whatsoever, and sometimes it’s just the memory alone that makes it special.  I know I’ve done movie quotes before, so I’ll try to keep it minimal this time! Continue reading

Life is full of lessons

I would be a professional student if I could.  Classrooms, learning, lots of knowledge.  But there are some things you just can’t learn in school!  Which brings us to this week’s Tuesday Topics, as we’re down to #4.

Life. Love.Lauren

  1. Pets relieve stress.  At the end of the day, after working for 12+ hours, caring for an ailing parent, and dealing with frustrated clients all day, the adoration found in a pet is priceless, and better than any psychologist’s couch!

    No matter how much I want to be left alone, he insists on cuddling to make me feel better

    No matter how much I want to be left alone, he insists on cuddling to make me feel better

  2. Never use credit cards.  Seriously.  Pay cash whenever you can, and save the plastic for automotive or appliance emergencies.
  3. They may drive you nuts, but they’re the only family you’ve got.  Value the time you have with them, because it’s never enough.  At the same time, you need to know your limits.
  4. You have a second family, not blood related, that is the one you choose to “do life” with.  You know, the girlfriend that will be by your side when you’re both too senile to remember your shared past.  The families that were there when your kids were growing up.  Or you went through that breakup.  Or you lost that job.  And sometimes, yes sometimes, this family is more valuable than the one you received at birth.