Stuck on repeat

Music is one of those things that has always been in my life.  I grew up with an uncle I adored who had awesome taste in music.  And I grew up in the 80s.  Need I say more?  Between his influence with the rock bands of the 70s, the cheesy pop of the 80s (yes, I had Duran Duran posters on my walls!), and the nostalgic resurgence of the 60s (they were next to my Beatles posters), it was an awesome time to grow up.

Then I went to college.

Yep, in college my music education kind of changed.  I lived on the same floor as the computer lab, which meant that no other radio signals would get through.  I had to survive off of the tapes that I already had and the headphones that kept the music from annoying my very sensitive roommate.  I got stuck in a musical time warp, so to speak.  Then there were the rest of the college years.  By the time I moved out of that hallway to the other side of campus, I was touring weekly with a show choir.  We love showtunes, don’t we?  So it became all I listened to.  For years.  Am listening to now, actually.  I found once I left school and had time to listen to public radio that, well, music sucked.  It was either insulting or degrading or simplistic lyrics, or I couldn’t understand the lyrics at all.  About ten years ago I started listening to Christian music again, because I can at least sing along.  So that’s the bulk of my iPod now–music from my teen years, contemporary Christian, and Showtunes.  There are some odd hits that make their way in, but all in all, an eclectic mix, no?

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