New list of Tuesday Topics!

This is my third round with the hosts of Tuesday Topics, and I have to say it’s been a blast.  Here we go, starting anew at week ten!


  1. Sleep.  I know that sounds silly, but lately, it’s something sorely lacking in my life.  And it can never be taken for granted, nor can it ever be too much!
  2. Girls Night.  As much as sleep is necessary for the body to rejuvenate, girls night is necessary for the soul.  Every Sunday three of us have dinner.  During the summer it’s off a bit, as vacation/travel/church interferes with Sunday planning (you’d think they’d ask first!).  By extension this also covers the friends that are you family by choice.  Love them!
  3. Game Night.  I’m not competitive.  No really, I’m not.  I just enjoy a healthy competition, and will totally gloat when I win.
  4. Vacation.  Well, more specifically, travel.  I love to go to new places, and haven’t really done so in a few years.  Long overdue.  But the kind where you sit on a beach all day and read books and eat fruit are good too!
  5. Service.  It’s one thing I truly love to do.  I work with children, mostly, and am excited about the new roles I will take on in the upcoming school year.  Our church is going to go through The Story at all ages, and I’m excited about the fall!  Even better is when I can combine #4 with #5 and serve on a short-term missions project, either domestic or foreign.  Love it.
  6. Reading.  Can’t help it, love to read.  I joined a 100 Book Challenge for 2013 thinking I might be able to pull it off.  Finished it in June.  Not saying all of them were works of Shakespeare by any means, but now I have to rethink my goal!  And I am a total Kindle convert.  Always swore I’d prefer paper, but I found a Kindle on Craig’s List when I was going to Germany, and figured it would save me about five pounds easy in my luggage.  Now I can’t live without it.
  7. Puppy!  Well, he’ll be three in November, so not much of a puppy any more.  But who doesn’t love this face?
    No matter how much I want to be left alone, he insists on cuddling to make me feel better
  8. Family.  I spend way too much time catering to their whims and needs, and need to focus on just enjoying the time together instead of getting walked all over.  But it’s still important to me.
  9. Guilty pleasures.  Right now it’s found in the form of yarn and summer TV shows on cable (The Newsroom, Royal Pains, Suits, etc.).  But if I can’t get away via vacation to a tropical island or orphanage build, then this is the best I have got.  My sofa and I have a deeply personal relationship, and both of these things are there with me!
  10. Hokie football!  Come on, it’s even the name of the blog.  I have 32 days baby!  And of course we start the season playing the 2x national champs, Alabama, in Atlanta.  Gonna be great, or gonna be a slaughter, there’s no in between.

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